Hacks I learned on the internet: pastel hair dye

If you've ever bleached your hair and dyed it any of the Manic Panic-range of unnatural colors, you'll know they fade pretty fast. The blues and greens more so than the reds and pinks but they all fade, especially the more you wash your hair. Since I've been doing these kinds of colors with the front of my hair for a while I end up with the color I actually want for about 1 week out of a month. The first two weeks are way too bright for my liking, then I hit a nice pastel week.  The fourth week I'm down to kind of white with unfortunate undertones of the color I used to have. The kind of week where you hope you don't run into anyone who is that professionally important to you.

Recently I heard a rumor online that you can mix dye in with your conditioner to give the color a boost when it's fading - or to create a more pastel and less vivid color overall. I was at the end of my dye cycle so I tried it. And it worked.

^ This was white with lilac (read: green) undertones before. This was 50/50 conditioner and shampoo for under 10 minutes. Yes, even my pajamas are striped.

^ This is the color I used. When you use this with the proper directions, it comes out way more vivid than I actually want. 

The verdict: Not only did it work but there was so much less to clean up; I just rinsed the dye and conditioner out together and I didn't need to use gloves or a dye brush for application. 

Manic Panic: I prefer Manic Panic because they've always been staunchly against animal testing, they label their products as vegan and they're made in the USA. I just found out that Manic Panic carries a Pastelizer for their hair dyes (you mix it with their current colors), so that's good to know. I'm not sure if it would last longer than the conditioner/dye method but I'm glad to know there's something else to try if this fades too fast. 


  1. I'm sure you've already tried less washing, too? And/or using natural products? I've always wanted to dye with fun colors but my hair is too easily damaged :P

    1. Oh yeah, I should have added that I have trained my hair to be okay washed just 1x per week (dry shampoo and routine over time). Re natural products, I haven't done beet dyes or anything. I've done some natural dye stuff for household stuff but I find it is unpredictable and doesn't last long at all. Is that what you meant?


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