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I feel like I've done a lot of running around lately, so much that I've had conversations about down time (or "me time") with a few people. My new ideal is always having one open weekend day where I don't have structured plans so I can do whatever I want. Or whatever I feel needs to be done, anyway.

Here's what I have been doing lately (some are Instagram rehashes) - most recent to least recent:

^^ Chopped my hair off. Well, Fringe Salon did anyway. {American Apparel black chambray dress - just filed Chapter 11 today! Which means Dov Charney no longer has a huge stake!; necklace was a gift} Ollie is sleeping on the bed, per usual.

 ^^ Hat season! This is the vegan Askida hat I ordered last year. It doesn't have a chin strap and catches some air while windy. After consulting the internet, I learned that you can use a bandana or headband around the inside of the hat to keep it fitting snug on your head. Or I will just DIY some chinstraps soon. {vegan, handmade}

^^ It's denim vest season. This was a kids' denim jacket that I lopped the arms off of to make a denim vest. Vintage brooches and 1" buttons either from my youth or thrift shops. 

^^ At the Ethical Writes CO clothing & accessories swap. I got 2 dresses, a pair of ankle/capri pants, a bracelet & a scarf. It was a good size, everyone was super nice and it was nice to see others leave with stuff I brought. 

^^ Finally got my LA Eyeworks frames filled with my prescription; immediately started dressing like everyone's favorite art teacher aunt/Advanced Style ladies. The glasses were made in Itlay & the leopard sweatshirt is a re-use buy.

^^ At my best friend's kid's birthday party. The kids were pretty cute too but I'm only posting goat pictures here. Some of these buddies were more interested in people than others...

^^ So, goat time was a little short-lived with some of these buddies but we got a lot of time with other animals, too. It was really amazing seeing kids interact with these rescued farmed animals.

^^ Pit stop at Lagusta's in New Paltz. Although they don't have tea, they did have chocolate and Miyoko's cashew cheese.

^^ Delicious Miyoko's cashew cheese, wrapped in fig leaves.

^^ Trying to remember that sometimes I do still love NYC. At any rate, I can't figure out where else I want to live, but I think everyone gets like that at year 15.

^^ I've had so much vegan pizza lately. This is the Larry Tate veganized at Two Boots. Housemade ricotta!

^^ New shirt by Amanda Moekel via her Etsy store, Considering Animals. This was screen printed on a second-life thick black boxy tee and it's pretty much perfect. I love the design and the shirt, both. 

 ^^ Berry banana scones from Isa Does It. Easy and delicious. These were for a cookbook potluck we had with friends.


  1. i LOVE your la looks glasses. They are so amazing! And I want to eat those scones. I have that recipe book, I think I need to try them.

    1. Thanks re the glasses! The scones were really easy and really good - definitely make them!

  2. I love your sunnies! So cute. And your shorter hair really suits you!

  3. Cool glasses, excellent haircut, awesome hat, pizza and goats. Doesn't get better than that! :)

    1. I meant I like how you think about pizza and goats and THANK YOU re the glasses and hair!

  4. Your hair looks amazing, lady! I wish I was able to go to that swap...need a fall closet cleansing, which is coming anyhow.

    And really your hair looks amazing!

    1. It was good - maybe there will be another organized one soon by someone else? Thank you re the hair.

  5. Looks like a pretty great life!

    Next time you're in a bloggy mood--- have you considered writing about your skincare routine? My acne's getting bad again and my sunscreen makes me shine like the sun. Thought you might have some wisdom to impart.

    1. Aw, thanks. I forget to feel grateful so seeing some of the good stuff strung together is a good reminder.

      Hm, that's a good question. I totally CAN but I don't know how helpful it will be since skin (and natural deodorant, which is I guess related to skin) is so personal. But I will try!

  6. You've been busy!!!! I love having all these posts to catch up on. Love your hair, would love to hear more about that vegan cheese, and would LOVE an article on how it is to really LIVE in NY? I can't imagine.


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