Real Struggles: Conflict-free Dessert

Ever since Whole Soy went out of business, I've been trying to find a vegan unsweetened yogurt that's actually unsweetened. Most of them are coconut-based and are sweet by nature or soy-based and taste disgustingly sweet due to added sugar regardless of flavor. I was recently introduced to Anita's Creamline coconut yogurt and while you can still taste that it's coconut-derived, it's just tart enough to use for savory stuff but creamy enough to use in desserts as well.

Alter Eco quinoa chocolate bar square
local nectarines
Anita's Creamline yogurt

The only downsides are that it's available in NYC only* (but - a plus - it's made locally in NYC!) and that it's pretty expensive (but - a plus - high fat means smaller portions). I'm very lucky that my local worker-owned food cooperative carries this so I can get it at a slight discount versus full retail price.

Speaking of, my local food co-op also carries this Alter Eco chocolate and local nectarines. Alter Eco is on Food Empowerment Project's "We Feel Comfortable Recommending" Chocolate List. (This involves both child labor issues in West Africa as well as selling a vegan product. Not all of Alter Eco's stuff is vegan but this quinoa bar is.) They also seem to use coconut oil in lieu of palm oil, but they're not on Selva Beat's palm oil-free list so I'll have to do a little digging there.

{*It's available in NYC only but also available at Lagusta's in New Paltz. Of course, since Lagusta's is home of all delicious things.}


  1. That looks SO good. Going to seek it out. Thanks for the tip!

    1. If you're a PSFC member it's cheaper, at least!

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