In but not for the sake of being in

This summer shoes that I would normally not be caught dead in came back in style. I feel like this has happened before. Heels, Birks, certain sneakers or boots. And I've been able to resist wearing ugly things that I hate. Somehow. This year, however, comfort and urban hoofing really took priority. There is a trade off for walking miles each day on cement and asphalt and that trade off feels like fallen angels. Or fallen arches, whatever.

This year I purchased 2 hideously ugly pairs of "shoes" in the name of comfort but also gave myself a pass and barked at anyone who questioned them:  "BUT TEVAS AND BIRKS ARE IN THIS YEAR! THEY ARE." Normally I couldn't give two f's about what's in but it was my minuscule consolation prize for having broken down and becoming the owner of the ugliest pairs of "shoes" known to man (besides 95% of Fleuvogs and every single Uggs...Ugg?).

Anyway, before summer is over I figure out I should out myself for wearing these guys most days. The silver "Birks" I got were an impulse buy driven by hobbling around NYC in pain. They were knock-off Birks, vegan, silver and had a comfortable foot bed but no decent labor standards to speak of. (Birks themselves don't ship their vegan versions to the US of A - not sure if it's because they hate us or love us?)

The Tevas actually do come with an ethical supply chain and labor standards cited -- I found them by poking around on their site and seeing Ethical Supply Chain hidden as an afterthought at the bottom of the Customer Service page (but not FAQs). That essentially links you here. Thanks for hiding it really well, Tevas! That was a fun game. So glad you're really proud of it!

Urban Renewal dress
Tevas sandals
Cheap sweatshop necklace I caved on at Beacon's Closet


  1. Hey, you left crocs out of your list!
    Seriously, though, I would be interested to read more on your thoughts re 2nd hand sweatshop.

    1. Oh those Crocs! I could never actually wear them for very long. They went from being comfortable to not even being able to wear them in the garden. The best laid plans...

      I totally buy sweatshop 2nd hand. I feel like if we avoid it, it just gets left there to rot - or rot on someone else's shores. I don't mention the brands I've purchased 2nd hand though because I feel like that's just advertising I don't want to do.

  2. I like your outfit.


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