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Pinterest Fails is one of my favorite sites for validation. (Clothing! Hair! Nails!) While I love the world of DIYs and hacks for their lofty promises, I also love when people out them as the farce they sometimes are. Thankfully they do work sometimes, though, if you're really talented or you picked stupid-easy ones. I picked two stupid-easy ones.

The first --- keeping head scarves in place!  I tried this Refinery 29 trick to keep your scarves from slipping when you use them as a headband. I used the elastic-based grippy headband they mention. (They also have another one for headband scarves that worked somewhat, but not all that well. This one involves tying a knot at the top of your head and then the final knot at your neck.)

It worked! Previously I've never been able to keep fake silk scarves on my head and now they stay on with no fuss.

The second--- saving a broken lipstick - is really a reverse-tutorial success. I had an e.l.f. lipstick** that became dislodged from it's holder and was no longer usable. I planned to put the lipstick itself in a smaller container so I could still use it albeit with a brush and figured I'd check out broken lipstick DIYs for containers ideas or tips on how to do it neatly -- and instead I found a bunch of tutorials that had a million steps, heat sources and stuff like makeup palette spatulas involved. After reality-checking myself over at the For the Love of Vegan Makeup FB community, I proceeded with my original plan of dislodging all remaining lipstick with something sharp and pointy, putting all lipstuff in a new container and pressing it down. It worked and it took all of 30 seconds.

Both were ridiculously easy and both help me use things I already have. I'm trying to cultivate a mindset of using what I have and not dismissing things because they're cheap (e.l.f. lipstick) or easy to procure (so many cheap vintage scarves in the world). I'm hoping that talking about it will help me do so.

Let me know if you've picked up any super simple hacks you want to share. I like road testing the really easy stuff.

**I've recently found out the e.l.f. has crappy palm oil practices so I'm phasing out my use, and will eventually replace my makeup with stuff with better practices.) I have not yet wrapped my mind around palm oil in foods - I still use Earth Balance and eat crappy accidentally-vegan junkfood like Nutter Butters, which both have palm oil. Progress, not perfection. It is a long road.


  1. Thatks for this post :D TOmorrow I will try some head scarves!

  2. 1) In the past, I've always worn a metal headband under headscarves, but a rubber one must work even better.

    2) Movie Star! Balm stains are my favorite lip color.

    3) Your hair looks so cool!

    4) I'm scared that giving up palm oil would mean giving up all non-produce vegan foods. I could certainly stand to eat less junk food, but...

    1. Thanks, lady! This is my hair faded and grown out after a month but it works out okay.

      I know, I feel the same way re foodstuffs. I am just trying to be aware of what it's in and use less of it. Like Earth Balance - I used to use a ton and now I've cut back to more responsible use.


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