Uniform: The Regulars (Summer Version)

I am freshly back to the USA from vacation abroad, wondering why Americans are such disgusting, wasteful and hateful people who let every block in NYC smell like urine in the summer. Basically, we're gross losers and we should be ashamed of ourselves.

As I mentioned in my last post, it's kind of hard to post about "ethical fashion" when so much of it is about just buying less overall. So I have less to post about when I'm wearing the same stuff all the time. But I can at least post about that stuff. Maybe less stuff to post means I'm finally winning at this stuff? Or I'm just forgetting what I bought because I've been too lazy to post about it.

This is actually a new-ish dress but it's already one of my favorites. It's by Make It Good, materials sourced in the USA and also made in the USA and I got it in two patterns - the abstract shapes and the splattered pattern. (You can see both of them on my Stuff I Bought Pinterest board.) Along for the ride is my trusty Baggu recycled cotton duck bag in leopard print, which was also a favorite in my last post about stuff I wear/use all the time. Baggu's stuff is made in a monitored manufacturing plant in China.

^ I should have handcuffed myself to this resort and never left ^

Most of the summer I've been wearing cut off jean shorts (they're old True Religions that I got from a local stoop sale, pretty sure they were US-made but they seem to only have general corporate responsibility stuff on their site right now). The challenge has been to try to find "tops" (not t-shirts) to wear them with that are cotton but yet don't make me look like I'm in "I just cleaned out my garage" jean shorts and t-shirts. This one is a Mata Traders top that I've posted here before.

^ this is some adorable Singapore mascot ^ 

This weather is making it challenging to want to look presentable anyway so I've had a pretty low bar. Also, 'tis the season for facial masks. (Those pores. Man.) This is the one I liked best from all the vegan beauty boxes and whatnot:

^ I swear the label looked like this when I got it ^

It's by Jacq's Orangics and is called Green Smoothie but it's got charcoal and clay in it and is therefore awesome. "Green Smoothie" is kind of a misnomer for this one. 

And I finally broke down and spent $30 on a face creme (creme!) - Blissoma Peace Evening Calming Creme. I received a sample in a Petit Vour Beauty Box and really loved it so, I'm really that kind of person, I guess. As penance, I donated a few hundred dollars to sponsoring vet care for rescued outdoor cats. We all win!


  1. Thanks for the update! After the last post, I was worried that was a not-so-thinly-veiled final post on the blog. I'm happy to see another post (about useful stuff, no less--thinking I may get that face mask).

    1. I often wonder if any of my posts will be my last because I can't seem to pull it together to post regularly. I admire your recent commitment, Kate!

  2. "I am freshly back to the USA from vacation abroad, wondering why "Americans are such disgusting, wasteful and hateful people who let every block in NYC smell like urine in the summer."

    Yep. I visited the US for three weeks in July and was mildly ashamed by a few things. But Americans DO have free water in restaurants, and that's wonderful.

    Your vacation looked glorious.

    1. Also, why can't we have clean bathrooms? But yes - we do have more public water resources than some other countries, so that's great. I love that NYC will set up water stations in high traffic areas on the hottest days of summer - a giant trough with water fountain spigots and faucets. Except in Detroit, where we try to cut people off for unpaid water bills.

      It was a really nice vacation that was far too short - but I am glad to be home with the cats again, of course. And at work, because I am a sad, sad person who loves to work too much.

  3. Love this post - when I'm in the States I always wonder about the doors to the restrooms - why are they so small? The doors never seem to fit the openings, so you have a clear view of whatever is going on in there. In all four directions. It's like the toilet version of the black line you make over people's eyes to disguise who they are.

    1. Yes! I remember thinking how "private" all of the non-US bathrooms were. It was almost...civilized!

      I have to take a tip from your book and try to use all my existing skin/makeup products. That was a very noble effort.

  4. I have that same struggle with tops. I live in shorts when ever I can in the summer (day job shorts not so kosher, sadly) but I also have a lack of easy breezy tops that are not tees.

    PS - So pretty that vacation photo, next time be prepared and bring your handcuffs.


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