My realistic minimalist wardrobe.

And so it begins. Fall essentials.

It's that time again. When new trends and products are identified as "musts" and "essentials", encouraging me to poke around many different "sustainable style" websites. I've actually purchased some stuff recently (almost all impulse buys) so I'm still trying to get a sense of how that stuff works in my closet. And pathetically, these new fall season emails from People Tree, et al are not helping me feel like I have enough. There is just always something in me - whether innate or cultivated by advertising - that's always looking for the next better "sustainable" "minimalist" thing. 

I think there's a lot of pressure on the perfect when we talk about minimalist wardrobes. I would like one. I'd like everything I own to fit me perfectly and to be exactly what I need. The reality of it is that not everything fits me perfectly, different days I feel like I need different things and my taste changes over time. I'll always have things I recently acquired that I'm "trying out" - to see if the fit, function and style work.

I need to come to terms with the fact that my wardrobe will always always be in flux -- but that doesn't mean I need to always be looking for things to add to it. It's okay to have an imperfect wardrobe and not continuously try to fill it with perfect things. (Seriously, I don't think it's possible.) I'd love to have a 33-item minimalist wardrobe but in reality it will be more like a 60 item love half || tolerate a quarter || am thinking of getting rid of a quarter type of wardrobe.

And that's fine. I just have to remember that.


  1. Good points! I feel that way, too. I'm constantly buying things that look just like the things I already have in the quest for the perfect piece, but that sort of goes against the point.

  2. Hear hear! I've tried to make sense of my wardrobe for way too long. After attempting and failing at the Project 333, I think I'm finally giving up on finding the ultimate solution. It's a never ending battle with guilt, random wants and needs and, always in the end, imperfection. It's never going to be perfect, and that should be okay.

    1. I know, I was actually thinking of doing the 33 things project and had to stop myself and make myself accept a certain level of wardrobe unrest.

  3. Well, you know me: I'm a hoarder. I too look forward to getting rid of some stuff, but with the intent of just tolerating and realizing that my style of wardrobe is…lots of shit.


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