Make It Good dresses - on sale.

Make It Good's tank dresses are my vision of a perfect summer dress. They're easy to slip on, shaped to be breezy and not clingy, a durable but breathable material and made by a conscious company that understands every piece of clothing has an impact but they do their best. These dresses are also made of a "pre-wrinkled" material, which makes them easy to pack and wear, even if they're not the most polished piece in your wardrobe. Since it's end of summer season, their tank dresses (and other dresses) are on sale.

All of Make It Good's stuff is made in their Portland space and they try to source their materials from the US.

Doing my best Sears stiff catalog model impression:

MIG tank dress in Shattered
Vera Meat necklace (made in NYC)
Cri de Coeur shoes 
(vegan brand, made in monitored mfg plants in China)


  1. Will check out the sale. Thanks for always pointing your readers toward much-better-than-average wardrobe options.

    Do you suppose that in ten years or so, even Sears models will have tattoos?

    1. Thanks for the thank you, lady! I bet you the Sears models will have tattoos - for sure. Tasteful, but they will.

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  3. HeyJesse,

    Welcome to the Ethical Blogger NEtwork! I just found you from the newsletter. Love this look- casual and comfy are the way to go for me! I just wanted to introduce myself. I blog on ethical fashion and faith. I hope to see you on my bloggie!



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