I'm finally remembering to wear the Bhava Percy flats I bought at Mooshoes before spring even sprung. Without sounding like an aging crone, I've been relegated to fake Birks for a while due to arch pain. (Never ever walk around both LA and NOLA two weeks in a row in the most thinly-soled shoes you own. Ever.) But thanks to both acupuncture and some stretching over the past few months, I'm back to wearing some semi-normal shoes. As long as they can handle additional insoles, anyway.

I like these guys because they're soft faux suede and work visually like oxfords but they're way more forgiving in the warmer months with the open toe and the porous material. The heel is wood but has a rubber bottom, which gives nice traction and helps absorb some of the crappiness of walking on cement and asphalt. And yes, I'm one of those people who wears all black in the summer.

Bhava is an all vegan brand and they state that the working conditions of their manufacturing partners have been personally vetted. You can find Bhava shoes at Mooshoes here, if you're interested in checking out the brand's options. For full disclosure, I'm interested in the Crosby (in black, obvs) for the fall if these work out well for me.


  1. Oh I actually know the chick who founded Bhava. She is keen on supporting Costa Rica where she's from and I'm confident she personally vetted their manufacturing :).

  2. Those are beautiful! Thanks for sharing this site, I love the designs and of course, that they're ethical.


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