March Petit Vour Beauty Box

Yes, it's that time again. When I give you my unflinchingly honest opinion about my Petit Vour's beauty box contents. I am still really pleased with the Petit Vour beauty box - I think it's the best vegan beauty box out there.


Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream: Oh man. I liked this one. It's thick, which I think CC creams are supposed to be. I remember reading some beauty post that crap-talked tinted facial moisturizers passing themselves off as CC creams but that's not what we have here. It's not as thick as the Andalou CC cream I sometimes use but close - and it smells nice, to boot. Like, refreshing. From an olfactory perspective, I feel like I'm rejuvenating my face. I'm not - I'm just applying CC cream. And I still mix it with a light daily facial moisturizer. I like that this CC cream has an SPF of 30. It's like $40 a tube so I'm glad to have gotten even a sample size of this in the box. I got the "warm glow" color and it's perfect for this pale I-talian.

Vert Mont EROS natural perfume oil: This has patchouli in it, which I hate, but I like it anyway. If you're into patchouli-laced heavier scents, this is for you! I'll use it. And that's saying a lot - because I really hate patchouli. 

MSC (Metropolis Soap Company) Lip Cream: This was your standard lip balm. It didn't impress or disappoint me. It is, however, totally white, which is weird. (GHOST BALM!) It goes on transparent, though.

The Little Alchemist Cacao & Banana Face Glow: Like everyone else who reviewed this one, I also thought it smells kind of acidic when dry and then delicious when mixed with water. I felt this worked like any facial mask. My skin was the better for it but it wasn't transformative. I do like that you let it dry on your face (10 minute wait time) so you watch the color change from dark brown to light brown as it dries. 

Here's the perfume, if you want to know all the ingredients: 


Yay - Juice Beauty CC cream; The Little Alchemist facial mask

Meh - Vert Mont perfume - although it would be really great from someone into this kind of scent; totally standard lip balm from MSC

Bleah - Nothing was bad! You go, Petit Vour!


  1. i haven't tried that product but i really like juice beauty! their facial mist is my favorite!

    1. All I keep hearing is how amazing they are. Maybe they really are worth the price! I will probably never know.


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