February Petit Vour Beauty Box Review

It's that time again. Our monthly "what the heck did I get in this vegan beauty box" post. Bought the box. No freebies so I'm not blogger-beholden to anyone. First of all - the item card in this box had a helpful pronunciation tip for us on Petit Vour. I have no roots in French so I had no idea it was pronounced "petty vohr"! Go figure. I was pronouncing it "petite vore" all this time.


Lily Lolo black mascara: I already posted about this on Instagram here, complete with creepy eye photo. Quoting myself:

While the application feels thicker/slower than other mascaras, this stuff certainly builds up some drama layers. This was a regular application and my lashes look so long and built up that they look fake. If you want a natural look, this isn't for you. This is, however, for me.

Harvey Prince perfumes - Damask Rose & Imperial Gardenia: I will say I've received Harvey Prince perfumes in beauty boxes before that I would not wish on anyone. I'm not really a spray perfume type of person. I prefer solid perfumes. These are sprays. I tried the rose first, because I kind of love rose although I know most people hate it and consider it grandmotherly. I liked it though, for a rose spray perfume. It wasn't overpowering but probably not what I want to wear. I was afraid to try the gardenia because I hate "floral-y" florals and boy, was I right! I tried it on before going to sleep one night and it made me nauseous. I had to wash my wrists a bunch of times to stop the olfactory assault. The rose, however, wasn't so bad. For point of reference and so that you don't think I hate all smells - I'm a big fan of Pacifica's solid perfumes like Mexican Chocolate, Tuscan Blood Orange and Hawaiian Ruby Guava.  {Update: I hated the Gardenia so much that I left it on the free table in my building with the hopes that ones of the little old ladies in my building will like it!}

ellovi butter in Mint Chocolate: I frickin' love the smell of this. Truly. It smells like chocolate chip mint ice cream and I find myself huffing my own hands after application. However, if you apply too much you look like you slathered your hands in Vaseline. A little goes a long way. It's not the most absorb-able and can be slightly slippery for a while. I don't think this is my favorite lotion/butter consistency although I love the smell so much. Like, so much. Other people seem to really love everything about this stuff, though.

Balanced Guru's ScrubMe Nice & Gritty body scrub: I liked this one. I like the scrub consistency - it's fine but not so fine it isn't somewhat abrasive (as it should be). It didn't smell overwhelmingly like coffee but of something else that I kept thinking was bergamot. I checked out the ingredients and maybe it's the spearmint and lavender together with the coffee? Anyway, I enjoy it. It's an invigorating smell. Application is nice as well - it's not overly oily or packed together like old brown sugar like some scrubs you get, nor does it have to be mixed with anything to use. Too bad it's $23 for 8oz or almost $3 per ounce or I'd consider buying a full size version.

Yay - mascara, scrub
Meh - body butter (smell is great, consistency is meh); rose perfume
Bleah - omg gardenia perfume


  1. "For point of reference and so that you don't think I hate all smells - I'm a big fan of Pacifica's solid perfumes like Mexican Chocolate, Tuscan Blood Orange and Hawaiian Ruby Guava."

    I DO hate nearly all perfume smells, but I'm game for those three plus Tibetan Mountain Temple.

    I've been curious about ellovi tinted balm, but not yet so interested that I'd pay international shipping for lip balm.

    1. I have one of them, actually! I like it. It's creamy and has average staying power (aka nothing near Soothing Touch). But it feels nice.

    2. Mine doesn't really have any color.

    3. Oh also I just wanted to say - beware the Pacifica roll-ons. I find the solid perfume so much better than the roll-ons, which turn my stomach.

  2. oh wow...we had like the same experience. i'm also torn about the evolli stuff like i like it but i don't like it and i was surprised to see like unanimity of people in love with the stuff, maybe they figured something out that I haven't...but glad to see you had the same situation.

    1. Yeah I honestly think with a lot of the vegan stuff people just love everything cruelty-free and vegan for the sake of its ethics. We're still dealing with the attitude with food - a lot of vegans will support and speak fondly of any and all vegan restaurants even if they're bad. I mean, think about it - no one features reviews of products they don't like, especially if it's a monetized blog.

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    in Mexico has a lot of unique and fresh fragrances.


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