5 Ethical Style Things I Did This Month: March

I am crankily awaiting spring, under the willing delusion that work will be less busy then and I will get to have a real life again one day and I'll no longer have to be an adult with responsibilities. (And I mean real weather-related spring and not just this calendar BS.) If I enjoyed the look I might think about joining a krishna cult in California to get away from it all. But I don't. It's one of those months where I'm not sure if I'm drinking too much coffee or not enough coffee. In all fairness, I've also had a few really decent slices of vegan cheesecake, did some introductory bird watching walks (nerdatron) and my frail and sickly cat is still hanging in there and wants to give us as many cuddles possible so I can't say life is bad.

5 Ethical Style Things I Did in March:

1) Almost got rid of these shoes at the swap but then realized that I was okay with them for short time periods and that I could just keep them in my office at work. You know, for those days I show up with Keep mid-top sneakers on but then need to not look like I'm trying to dress like a 17 year-old girl when I'm really 40. So I kept them. And I've worn them.

photo 2.JPG

2) As predicted, wore that Everlane striped shirt millions of times. I am wearing it right now, as I type. And I held off on the urge to buy a second duplicate shirt.

3) Diligently updating my "Things I'm Considering Buying Right Now" Pinterest board so I can weigh what purchases I should actually make. This hat ended up on the "Things I Bought" board as a kind of impulse buy (thanks for nothing, Streets I Know! *shakes fist at Melanie*) but hopefully I'll get use out of it. Usually pinning stuff to consider buying it later alleviates the itch so while it doesn't work all of the time, it works better than not doing it at all.

4) I put my tax refund right into my savings account and it wasn't until I saw someone else mention that they were struggling with not spending it on clothes that I realized I don't even consider doing that any longer. But once upon a time, I did.

5) I have stayed a larger size. I'm so hesitant to buy new (to me) things when my size might be changing again. Since I recovered from being sick and did a really excellent job of force-feeding myself, my metabolism is still kind of off and I'm just getting back in the hang of remembering how to eat normal amounts and not feel like a pre-teen with a mean mom who put me on a diet. My plan is to wait a few months to see if it evens out and if it doesn't, then I can add more pieces to my wardrobe at a new size. We'll see. I might have a breakdown about not having any summer clothes.


  1. Wow, very cool! I have a few.

    1) I started a no-buy in mid-February, and I've stuck to it so far. My original plan was to wait until the American Apparel April Fools' day sale to end it, but if they don't do one this year, I'll just buy a few t-shirts from Everlane and call it a day because

    2) I've realized that a lot of my older items are still fairly stylish (like chiffon pleated skirts) or even newly stylish (like my old wood-soled summer sandals). So hey, no need to buy no new things!

    3) Related to #2, there's no need for me to buy new (or new to me) clothing because I have enough for my lifestyle. No one is going to say "ugh, didn't she wear that dress last week" because they don't know, and even if they did, probably won't care.

    4) I read Fran Leibowitz's recent interview and decided to finish altering some of my clothing so it fits me better (obviously being much, much more careful with stray needles).

    5) I've accepted that for the time being, my stretchy waistband clothes are my friend, and I have enough that it's doable.

    6) I'm taking my worn out old t-shirts that I forgot to have recycled and cutting them into rags to use around the apartment. My dad always used his old worn out clothes this way, and it's a lot less wasteful than paper towels.

    1. That's awesome, Sarah! Thanks for sharing these with me. I loved that Fran Liebowitz interview and she definitely inspired me to take a look at fit again. That interview was a trip. I totally hear you on #5. I'm in the same boat! Leggings for life.


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