Petit Vour January Beauty Box Review

Keeping up with my tardiness habit - here is my review of January's Petit Vour beauty box, one month behind. This one was edited by My Kind of Life. I do follow that blog but all I remember about it is 1) I have a tote bag featuring the blog name given to me by the blog's author at last year's Vida Vegan Con and 2) she told us she was a model. I think I've also read some body acceptance articles by the blog's author on Mind Body Green before I had to unsubscribe because of their pesudo-science articles and their daily listcicles about how to improve your life. That said, I've always gotten a good vibe from My Kind of Life's blog! As always, I buy the box so this review is not tainted by freebie-bias.


EVOLVh SmartStart Leave-in Conditioner: Didn't notice a major difference in my hair when I used this but I'm all for any efforts towards extra conditioning, especially in this weather. I also have shampoo by the same brand and it's fine.

Modern Minerals Eye Shadow: I only really wear eye shadow to provide a base for my eye liner (so it's not in direct contact with skin when I open my eyes because it smudges more when that happens - and I don't love most primers out there). So I only wear neutral colors for the most part and I was kind of bummed to see all this pink sparkle. But it goes on pretty understated and I actually really ended up liking it. I didn't feel like I had pink eye shadow on and I liked the feel of it. It's a little darker than I'd like for my entire eyelid so I'm guessing I just have to use this in places where I want a slightly darker color.

RawSkinCeuticals Cheek Creme: I'm always excited to try cream blush. It's my jam. (Cream blush and tinted lip balm.) They were not kidding with the instructions to use just a little because it's very potent. I thought the consistency of this one was a little clay-like (you really need to use a tiny amount and blend like hell or it's too opaque) so I wasn't surprised to find zinc high up in the ingredients list. ('Sup, Zinka and Surf Fetish-era flashbacks.) It's staying power is better than more transparent cream blushes but not sure it's worth the hard application. My boyfriend was like, "What the hell is on your face?" with this one but to be fair, he says that about a lot of things I put on my face and he hates lipstick. This is a little too lilac-based for me color-wise but still usable. 

100% Pure French Lavender Hand Buttercream: Totally suitable heavier lotion but absorbs well --- also smells like lavender. Thumbs up. Good for winter, for sure.

Overview: I'm not head over heels about the eye shadow or cheek creme but I like them enough that I'll use them. Like the moisturizer and I go through moisturizer like crazy so that's always useful. I can take or leave the leave-in conditioner but I'll use it.


  1. "My boyfriend was like, 'What the hell is on your face?' with this one but to be fair, he says that about a lot of things I put on my face and he hates lipstick."

    This might merit a whole post.

  2. I got the EveolveH shampoo in my Vegan Cuts box a couple of months ago! Did you get it too? I saw from your other posts that you receive quite a lot of these subscription boxes :P i love the shampoo btw, it leave your hair so soft and smelling nice!
    Talking about boxes, I don't know how you manage to use all the products. Do you really? Does anyone really? XD I just can't seem to keep up with just one box! I cancel my subscription from time to time because I don't want my products to be left unused! I think I will start giving them to friends very soon. I heard that it's better not to wear makeup older than 6/8 months. This is quite impossible as products like lipsticks could last me a lot longer than that!
    What do you say Jesse?
    Elisa of styleBizarre - Kickass Conscious Style

    1. Hey Elisa! I am probably the worst person to ask because I use makeup forever, way past the 6 months and I've never had an issue. I agree - lipsticks I don't wear regularly are especially hard to go through. I have about 5 tubes of OCC lip tars that I've used maybe 3x each (a gift - I didn't buy 5). I actually quit the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box because I couldn't hack getting 2. I had such a build up of products that I felt like I couldn't get through them all. I have given a bunch of stuff that's not a good fit for me but still sanitary to close friends (nailpolish, mineral powder shadows, lipstick or balm colors or consistencies I didn't like). I do try to sort them by type (lips, eyes, face/skin, cheeks, nails) and store them in open containers on my dresser so I know what I have left to use! All the hair stuff goes in the bathroom. xo

  3. You did the right thing Jesse! There's no point in getting a whole lot of products when you can't possibly use that many! It's a waste of money and it only contributes to filling up landfills ;D Ok, so I'm not weird, I thought I should use more beauty products haha! :P


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