November Petit Vour Beauty Box Review

My disclaimer for the November review is that I totally love Ashlee Piper from The Little Foxes -- and she curated the November Petit Vour box -- but I did try to keep that from tainting my opinions of this box. Pinky swear. But I'm giving you full disclosure. (I buy the box so there is no bias in terms of getting free stuff.)

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Beauty box

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Earthbody Skincare Dream Body Oil: I like this just fine as body oil. I typically use moisturizer but it's nice to upgrade in the winter months and I don't usually buy body oil so it's a "nice to have" for the season. It smells like sandalwood - like a lot of sandalwood.

French Girl Organics Tinted Balm: As you know, I frickin' love tinted lip balms in the red family. This lip balm had tint that was actually visible (it amazes me how often this isn't the case). It's a red/wine color with a bit of a metallic color to it. It covers like a standard lip balm (thinner than Crazy Rumors but not anywhere near as thick as Soothing Touch vegan balms). It's a good match for Hurraw's tinted red balm with this being a darker shade.

LA Fresh Waterproof Makeup Remover: (Other people's boxes had a Caru Rose Facial Serum) Uhmmm...I would have preferred the serum but you get what you get and you don't get upset. I've actually used these makeup wipes when I stayed in a hotel that provided them and I liked them. And I was super excited to see a hotel provide a vegan product.

Au Naturale Concealer and Cream Eye Shadow: The concealer didn't do me any great favors, which is a shame because I've been looking for a good vegan concealer now that my ancient tube of Revlon died. (I've also tried e.l.f. and Pacifica and find them too thin.) But this one was too white and chalky on me...and I"m pretty pale. The cream eye shadow, however, was a nice sparkly gold and I wore it to a fundraising gala and thought it was perfect. Not too overdone on the sparkle but just enough to feel like I was wearing something. I used it with my regular black liner and mascara (primed with loose facial powder) and it worked out well for the evening.

Overview: My favorites were the French Girl Organics tinted balm and the Au Naturale gold cream eye shadow. I can see buying the tinted balm but probably won't need more of the gold cream eye shadow beyond what I already have. The body oil is totally a nice-to-have that will get used. The concealer was not so great for me and the makeup remover wipes are a nice-to-have if I can remember I actually have them.


  1. "As you know, I frickin' love tinted lip balms in the red family."

    Me too. This one sounds promising, and they sell a lot of shades.

    1. I believe I got the rose shade. It's totally a tint and the color doesn't really layer but I like it. It's not supposed to be a lipstick, although Pacifica's Devocean definitely has more pigment and is moisturizing like a balm.


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