December Petit Vour Beauty Box Review

Here's my review of the December Petit Vour Beauty Box. I know, I'm really tardy. I buy the box myself so no one is currying favor with me by giving me freebies. Also, December was the deadline for me to pick which beauty box I'd keep subscribing to -- Petit Vour or Vegan Cuts. I had been getting both for a while and I just don't need that many tiny bottles. It's overload. I ended up keeping my subscription to Petit Vour -- so, this very box. Why? I liked the products (and color choices) better more consistently -- and it's cheaper. I also like the design better, although that wasn't a deal-breaker. There were a lot of things I liked in the Vegan Cuts boxes, too, but I had to make a choice.

Despite all that text, I swear it only took me about 5 minutes to decide. I'm aware it wasn't like, deciding which of two children gets to live or something.

Dec pv beauty box

Meow Meow Tweet Lavender Deodorant Cream: I am a big fan of Schmidt's and Soapwalla for all my natural deodorant needs so that's the bar I use for any new contenders. (For full disclosure, I follow up all natural deodorant with baby powder because they are not antiperspirants, so I never use them solo.) This cream is way softer than either of those and works well...but not quite as well as Schmitd's or Soapwalla so I don't see a reason to switch but I'm happy to have tried it since I heard so many people recommend it.

Trust Fund Nail Polish in Just Talk to My Lawyer: This was a deep dark red with a more metallic look - yes, it included sparkles but not like glitter. Microsparkles. I thought the application and wear on this one was pretty great. I appreciate red variations so I'm happy to have this color but it reads pretty dark - people thought I was wearing black metallic at times. Would definitely buy this polish brand again.

Everyday Minerals Power Blush in All Smiles: I usually use cream/creme blush but I have used powder bronzer so I understand how to apply colored powder to my face. But because this is loose powder, I feel like I have a little less control with how I apply it to the brush before I apply it to my face, which means it's a little less consistent than I'd like. Help? Other than that, I like the color - I think it works on me and it seems like it would be pretty versatile.

Blissoma Peace Evening Calming Creme: I have to say that when I looked at this I was not that excited. It's yellowish in the bottle and it has a strong hippie-ish smell. But I found that I actually really liked it. I can't say that I actually saw any noticable difference in my skin but it just felt better. In fact, I looked up how much it costs and uh, I'll probably just use this bottle sparingly. I like it but I don't know if I $26-per-bottle like it, nahmean?

Overview: I liked pretty much everything in this box. Good job, Petit Vour!


  1. I love your no-b.s. reviews so much! They're actually helpful and they always make me laugh. Very appreciated.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, I liked it. It does read kind of dark though but sometimes you want that kind of thing.

  3. I've totally been debating getting on some subscription situation. I like that it looks like Petite Vour doesn't have tons of samples, I'm always thinking that maybe a subscription would lead to more products than I need in my life (which I probably already have more products than I need in my life). Thoughts from experience por favor :)?

    1. It definitely leads to a lot of little things laying around. I try to group my stuff by skincare, lips, eyes, cheeks so I know where everything is and can make an effort to use it up.

      I subscribe like trying new vegan brands because it helps inform which things work for me and what doesn't. Sometimes it's helpful to have sample sizes vs full sizes because something *doesn't* work for me or I love the formula but not the color.

      I have given glosses, nail polishes or things I've used once to close friends who they're a better fit for.

      I do like the PV brands a little better and I'm less overwhelmed because it's less stuff (and therefore cheaper)! They seem to pick products I'd be more likely to buy to try to so it works as an "intro" sometimes. And sometimes it's hit or miss (dear god some of the perfumes...) but I just try to give away what I can't use as long as it's sanitary!

    2. Oops - "I subscribe because I like trying..."

    3. Thanks so much for the feedback! I think I'm going to subscribe to PV because of the less items situation. I group my products by type too...but I feel a bit wasteful b/c truthfully I have such a super minimal daily makeup situation--wearing none on a lot of days and for during a weekday if I remember to put makeup on usually just tinited moisturizer plus blush-- maybe subscribing would give me like a push to step up my game. Such first world problems, lol. Thanks, again Jesse!


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