5 Ethical Style Things I Did This Week

I recently started reading The Non-Consumer Advocate and she regularly posts Five Frugal Things posts, listing what she did to stay frugal. While that kind of minutiae first intrigues me (creepy voyeur!), reading it on a regular basis tires me out. However, I was thinking that it must be so helpful for her in keeping the focus on being frugal -- the actions of which are often not buying things. And I thought about that in relation to this blog. And how I feel like I post what I buy and end up with a shopping blog instead of what I intended -- a "thoughtful consumer" blog, which often means not buying something.

At any rate, I decided to bore you with my minutiae. At least for today.

5 Ethical Style Things I Did This Week:

1) Made a list of the things I actually "need" --- booties, winter boots and winter socks

2) Slowly going through my closet to figure out what doesn't fit and what I won't use so I can find new homes for them and have an easier time finding what I will use

3) Planned a vegan ladies clothing swap for February

4) Held off looking for sweatshirt or sweater dresses from ethical companies online when I saw a blog feature some cozy-looking options -- either I will find one at Beacon's Closet or I won't

5) Cancel my Vegan Cuts Beauty Box subscription. I still have my Petit Vour subscription and I think that's enough for me

photo 2.JPG
^ last month's Vegan Cuts polish color - minus the glitter ^

And bonus, 6) Read this post about soy textiles.


  1. Hey Jesse! I've been reading the Non-Consumer Advocate for years and I like it, but our lives are so wildly different that a lot of her tips and minutiae don't work for me.

    Only recently did I notice how many of the blogs I follow are shopping-heavy; I've been trying to cut way back on shopping and use the things I have, so now I notice everyone buying shiny new things!

    "Holding Off" is a great tip for less consumption. Delay purchases, delay haircuts, see how long we can make ourselves wait for certain indulgences...

    As always, I love your blog.

  2. I read the Non-Consumer Advocate too! I loved this point -- I'm also focusing on assessing what I truly need, and I've vowed to only buy secondhand for all of 2015. (Hi to the kitties!)

  3. This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing I am definitely going to check out the non consumer advocate.


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