Still alive

As promised, the majority of my extra time is going towards a little tabby cat named Simone.  She's pretty cool. We can't keep her though because she hates other cats so we're working on moving her to a foster who will not have other cats and eventually to a home of her very own.  My cats will be so relieved to get her out of our apartment.

I'm still on Day 4 of the Sustainable Style Challenge, and hopefully I'll be picking that up again this weekend. A lot of "off topic" life stuff has been happening so my attention really hasn't been here.  It's been...everywhere else.

Here's a random assortment of half-Instagrammed (75% Instagrammed?) photos until I can actually start doing the Sustainability Challenge again.  Basically, in short, I'm not dead. Also, cat.

photo 1.JPG
^ American Apparel tent dress & Clyde's Rebirth necklace ^
(also, Pacifica's Firebird Devocean lipstick)

Outfit Simone
^ American Apparel sweater, Etsy necklace, Simone kitten ^

^ thrift vest & scarf, Etsy shirt, Simone kitten ^

^ Pacifica Amethyst Castle 7-free nail polish (meh) & Great Frog NYC ring ^

^ Runs in Rows Mata Traders dress & Vera Meat necklace ^

^ Simone! ^

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