November Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review

I am behind on my 20 Day Sustainable Fashion Challenge because now the instructions are to actually do stuff instead of just think stuff.  So, I'll be doing my challenge chores over the weekend and will have some updates on Monday.  In the meantime, here is my Vegan Cuts Beauty Box review for November.  I buy the box - I don't accept it free - so I don't feel like I have to blow smoke up anyone's booty over it. These are my honest opinions.

Vcbb November

Left to Right:

The All Natural Face Black Kohl Eyeliner: I don't use kohl liner because I find it smears pretty easily.  This goes on hella black though, so that is pretty cool. It's like putting your eyeliner on with a Sharpie (which I enjoy). However, like all other kohls, it just melts into your face and you look like you've been out partying all night after a few hours. I am planning on using this as a base and then using liquid liner over it for when I want to get all sorts of Cleopatra. I figure that will help it from melting all over my face.

Evolv Shampoo: I didn't even try this. And I probably won't try it in the next few months. I usually take all the shampoo and conditioner bottles from beauty boxes and shove them in my travel kit drawer. I find them one of the most boring things to try in beauty boxes so I'm sure this is shampoo and it works like shampoo but I cannot confirm or deny.

Mullein & Sparrow vegan tinted lip & cheek stain:  I was really excited by this one because I love tinted balm and cheek tint.  I tried this on my lips first and there is no color at all.  Nothing. Furthermore, it's a little firmer than Rosebud (petroleum) salve but it's got the same shiny greasiness.  I would never put this on my cheeks unless I wanted to break out like Rik from The Young Ones.  Such a bummer - I used Mullein & Sparrow's dry shampoo and liked it so my hopes were high for this one.  * sad trombone * I will use this as (clear) lip balm.

La Mav Serum: This is a nighttime serum. I like getting serums, especially during the winter months. When I'm done with the argan oil I'm using (also a beauty box item), I'll start using this.  I've tried it once on my eyes before bedtime and, you know, it just seemed like using oil as a moisturizer. Maybe once I use it regularly I'll notice something more magickal but I'm not holding my breath. It will help keep my skin moisturized though, at least.

Demes Butter Me Up (tangerine vanilla):  Okay, I really liked this one. I need moisturizer to live in the winter like regular people need water. Essential life force. This is a little (shiny) greasy but it absorbs okay and it smells delicious. It comes in this little paper tube, which I like in theory but then I realized I can't really shove it in my bag because the damn cap falls off and then it's like having a moisturizer push-pop in your bag or pocket. This will be an in-house use item only.

There was also a Shorganics soap I forgot to even photograph. I consider beauty box soap in the same category as beauty box shampoo - I'm sure it works like soap and I'll use it one day but I'm not really interested it it.


  1. "I buy the box - I don't accept it free - so I don't feel like I have to blow smoke up anyone's booty over it. These are my honest opinions."

    And bless you for that. There's so much smoke-blowing in blogging, and most of us just want to know what works!

    1. I know! It's just hard in general because I feel like what works for some doesn't work for others so there's that factor, too!

    2. True, but those 'all of this is magnificent, thank you Box Providers!' don't give us ANYTHING to work with. I understand not wanting to offend sponsors, but I need honesty.

    3. Very true! I'm pretty sick of seeing that as well!


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