Day 3 - Getting Dressed in the Morning

Day 3's question was:

When you get dressed in the morning, how do you usually feel? Do you have trouble deciding what to wear? Do you constantly feel like you have wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear? Are you are creature of habit, preferring to wear the same few outfits each week? Do you like to wear something different every day of the month?

And my answer is:

I like to have no-brainer uniforms to throw on. I don't like to think about it.

What I usually actually feel is overwhelmed by what fits with what. Not just which shirt "goes" with which skirt but remembering the different lengths of my tops and what needs to be tucked in or what's big enough to go over jeans, etc.

^ top & leggings/American Apparel ^
^ shoes/Keep Company Ramos black waxed ^
^ bag/Cri de Coeur ^
^ brooch/vintage ^

Outfit brooch

This has improved slightly when I gained some weight and bought a bunch of American Apparel babydoll and tent dresses at one time because I can really easily throw one of those on over black leggings and call it a day. I want to say that's the way I always want it to be but I can feel myself getting bored with it already. I wonder if I need more of those kinds of outfits (or a list of possible outfits) or if I just need to find ways to stop myself from being bored with it.

Deep down I know I don't want to have to think about getting dressed in the mornings so I'm wondering if a good solution is:  having a list of easy "uniform" outfits with accessories being a variable so it's really easy but with enough different accessories, I don't get bored.


  1. I gather you have a pretty smallish wardrobe, so maybe the investment of a couple of hours could save you thought and effort long term. How about going through everything and trying on all the combinations that you would be prepared to wear if they work. Record the outfit combinations that you approve of, and there you are. For recording options, in can think of a few possibilities. Photograph working combinations, name all your items (if you will remember the names), and write a list of possible combinations. If things tend to divide up into groups (ie tops 1,2, & 3 go with bottoms a, b, & c; whilst tops 4, 5, & 6 go with bottoms d & e), then hang accordingly.

    1. I was thinking something similar with photos or a list so hopefully I can put that together. I think it would really help. Now, a list of what's actually *clean* on any given day is another issue entirely...

  2. Sorry, Safari crashed before I'd finished. Another way you could record working combinations would be an actual physical mark in each garment. Assign each bottom a different colour label, and put a mark in each relevant colour in each top. You could use permanent markers on the original garment labels,or stitch a little loop of thread in each relevant colour. For more garments you could do by group ("all the leggings") rather than by individual garment. Hope I helped a bit!

  3. How short are you? How are the AA legging lengths? I need to replace my current pair of leggings and most are desperately long on my ~28" inseam.

    I do think some sort of uniform is key. I find limited color palette helps, too. I do get bored, or decide that what felt genius three weeks ago suddenly seems frumpy or too tight or dated. It's a constant battle between wanting things to last and not having a revolving closet door and wanting to feel attractive and current.

    1. I'm 5'2" and I find their leggings to be a good fit in small.

      Totally agreed - that's exactly what I feel like with my wardrobe as well.

    2. Two thoughts:

      1) I've started laying out my next day's complete outfit after dinner. In the morning, I HATE choosing clothes; the night before, it's fun, and my brain works better at night. I spread everything out on the couch and get dressed in the living room so Mr. Jaunty can keep sleeping. With so many cats around, you might want to hang everything on a hanger and hook. For me, choosing outfits the night before has start to feel like self-care--- doing myself a solid favor.

      2) I try to keep my wardrobe small enough that I can really wear things to rags before they become too wildly outdated. Yes, you get tired of wearing some things, but... ... I find that I get tired of ANY garment I've had a long time, whether I've worn it a hundred times or merely seen it hanging in my closet a hundred times. When I figure out how to stop craving novelty, you'll be the first to know.


      3) Not that your head is an "accessory", but you mentioned once that trying something different with your hair or makeup can feel similar to wearing something new. Something like that, anyway.

  4. I'm loving this series of posts. I definitely have uniforms as well and I have a HUGE wardrobe. Usually I wear a 90s dress to work, because they're the least fancy, the most durable and stain-resistant clothes I have and then on my days off I put more thought into putting together my favorite outfits. I'm terrible about shapes, I'm sure I'm so not flattering my bod half the time. I love the idea of pre-thought-out uniforms...

  5. During the summer it's sundresses and sandals almost every day. My winter uniform seems to be skirt over tights with boots and no, long, or quarter-sleeve top depending on how cold it is outside. I'm a creature of habit with dressing and go for comfort and ease. You outfit above looks like my type of uniform, yep. I yo-yo a bit, now that I'm back down five pounds I'm comfortable in form-fitting stuff. When I go up I reach for the empire-waist dresses to camo the belly.

    I wish we had a local American Apparel, will have to raid their outlet the next time I visit my buddy in Orlando.


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