Day 1 - Rate Yourself

I decided to do the 20 Day Sustainable Wardrobe Challenge after seeing Inelegant Horserider doing it.  I signed up, started getting the emails (then got bummed that it wasn't what I expected) (then decided I'd do it anyway) and I thought it couldn't hurt to share my answers here.  At best, you will read it and say some relevant stuff.  At worst, I will share where I am on this topic, which is probably less far along than you guys might assume, and you will all be disappointed with me and leave me disapproving comments.

Day 1:  Rate yourself on how much you know about sustainable fashion on a scale from 1-5.

I rated myself a 3.  I'm no rockstar in this area, despite having a blog that should actually make me a rockstar in this area if I put more work into it.

photo 4.JPG

^ horrifying mannequins in the Garment District, NYC ^ 

I know to watch out for:

  1. buying less
  2. buying used
  3. buying either recycled materials or materials that can be recycled
  4. favoring materials that take less energy or pollution 
  5. ...that includes NO resource-intensive animals or animal by-products that help subsidize the meat industry and carry a big ticket in terms of agricultural waste - not to mention the heinous and pretty much omnipresent cruelty
  6. buy quality vegan items that last, not Payless
  7. waste materials for garment production
  8. envionrmental waste from source materials
  9. how far the source materials travel to the manufacturer
  10. "eco"/reduced-impact for dyes, screenprinting, etc
  11. labor standards

However, I know there is a lot more that goes into it.  There's a lot I don't know about cradle-to-grave use, source material growth/recycling/production, how to weigh out different factors -- and many other issues I am sure I don't even know about. (Cue Op Ivy's "all I know is that I don't know nothing...")

This link was included as "top tips" for sustainable fashion and it doesn't include anything I hadn't already thought about but includes some interesting details and a reading list (I've read none of them).  Not included was anything relevant to animal-sourced items. 


  1. Definitely an interesting challenge, a little intimidating, even. I sometimes feel horribly guilty for not knowing or doing more, not spreading the word as much as a I should... all that. So I don't know how I'd rate myself. If you are a 3, I'd be a 2 at best. And wow, for someone who likes to consider herself very pro-sustainable fashion, 2 makes me feel very inadequate... So I am going to go ahead and say that you are being way too hard on yourself - I think you are a 4, so I can rate myself 3. :)

    1. Very funny. Okay, I'll take it! I think there are just so many facets to the issue that it's very hard to be on top of them all. It's also not an area that has a very consolidated or consistent line of information out there - I think a lot of people are approaching it from different angles.

  2. I am really looking forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions on the challenge. I am still trying to pull together my final thoughts on the whole challenge but am finding it a little tricky. I have to say I would rate you a 4! Part of that is I rated myself a 4 and I know less than yourself, it clearly illustrates that I am a cocky eejit :) But seriously I would say that you know more than you are crediting yourself with and I think that this will be demonstrated to you as you go through this challenge. Hope you enjoy it!

    1. I feel like what I know is only the tip of the iceberg and I have a hard time putting it into practice! Thanks for introducing me to this and I look forward to your posts about it.

  3. Like the previous ladies, I think you're rating yourself too low. I'd have called myself a 3, but now 1.7 seems more accurate. In practice, I'm fairly lousy now that my thrift superstores are all an ocean away.

    I'm neither disappointed nor disapproving of your efforts; your blog has contributed a lot to my own efforts to clean up my wardrobe game and look at bigger pictures.

    Also, those mannequins ARE terrifying, particularly the one on the right.

    1. I walk by those mannequins about once per week and every time I think "WHY?!" because they're so disturbing.

      I feel like I could be better about connecting the dots or knowing more about the industry and what I put into practice is (I find) lacking.

      Thanks for being so kind, Rebekah - I appreciate your sentiments and your thoughtfulness, always!


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