What I'm doing on FB and Pinterest (but not Twitter)

I've been using this blog's FB page for stuff I just want to share but don't necessarily want to blog real words about. It took me a while to start using that page but now I finally am.  So, FB and Pinterest (but rarely Twitter).  And of course, Instagram (but that's mostly cat pictures, let's be honest; the temptation is too much.)

You can find the following on FB:
- vegan and cruelty-free makeup options
- links to blog posts from others
- USA or otherwise ethically made apparel and accessories
- shared thoughts on being a more conscious buyer and how we talk about this stuff

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  1. Verra noice, will give you a follow on those. Always appreciate ethical fashion updates. Trying my best to avoid the unethical fashion beast.

  2. Have followed you on Facebook and Twitter. Will follow on Instagram as soon as I can get into my account!

  3. I'm following you on Instagram (love those pussy cats!) and enjoy the easy browsing with quick clicks to show likes. Responding to blog posts is time-consuming, but I like you to know I read your posts and I'm so happy there are compassionate voices to be heard.

    My recent post (today actually) is to to promote a plant-based lifestyle and cruelty-free cosmetics.

    With compassion,
    ♥ carmen


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