Season of the witch, yeah.

Cyclically I hate either my long or short hair and want the opposite.  Since I've had long hair for a while, now I want shorter hair again and my bangs are causing me serious teen-style angst.  On Wednesday my hairdresser will chop off my hair and facilitate long side bangs.

Today, after I tried on a bunch of Yes To, Pacifica and e.l.f. makeup (thanks, Target) and was already standing in front of a mirror, I tried to make side-bangs out of nothing to convince myself to go through with the cut.  When I say I hate it, you can say, "I told you so.  You do this every year, dude."  In other news, I'm pretty into the Yes to Grapefruit CC Cream that Ashlee Piper recommended on R29 here.

{Pacifica is all vegan; e.l.f. is all vegan and Yes To... has mostly vegan products - I just posted the vegan info to my FB page.}

"Why yes, I am wearing two different eyeliners."

ytg cc 
SPF 18 and some tint to ward off the winter zombie face. Sold. 


  1. With your pretty face, you can wear any hairstyle Jesse: beautiful eyes, lovely nose and gorgeous lips, whose looking at your hair?

    Companies that do not test on animals are of UTMOST importance to me, because no animals should be harmed for vanity (or any other reason).

    Fashion with compassion! :-)

    ♥ carmen

    1. Thank you so much, Carmen! I agree - I don't understand how we still have beauty items that are tested on animals. It's really insane!

  2. waaaaait. A CC cream that isn't creepy? I'm always hesitant to wear face make up because...well. It's gross. It's weird. It's all over your face. Ack!! I think you might have changed my life.

  3. I go through a very similar, annual hair-hate. I think I can pull off longer hair, then try to grow out the pixie cut, and once my hair is longer, I totally hate it and have it chopped off. Then I'm back to the pixie cut, and before I know it, I feel like I look like a boy, and want longer hair again. Oh well. :D


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