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I will admit that I've been really lax when it comes to more ethical workout gear.  I gave myself a pass because I find exercise challenging (high school gym class failure here!) and I didn't want to add an extra hurdle to making myself do it. However, I'm now ready to be an adult in this area and focus on more ethically-made options.  I'll be pinning "ethically"-made active wear HERE if you want to follow along.  I am not going to get rid of what I have just because it isn't what I'd choose to buy now, but I'll hang on to it for as long as it's useful to be as green as possible. But as I need to replace items, I'll look to better brands rather than letting myself buy Target's C9 or Old Navy.

Threads 4 Thought have an active wear line this season.  I've written about Threads 4 Thought before - they have a monitored manufacturing process.  Some of their active wear has recycled poly content, too.

t4t 1

Just wanted to share those options in case anyone else was looking to sweat in something non-sweatshop.


  1. One thing I am really looking forward to making for myself, once I master using my serger machine, is active wear, i.e. hoodies, leggings & yoga tops, etc. I love the idea of recycled poly content! No offense to your purpose, and I totally get you about how if you need to replace something you have now you may as well replace it wisely... but I look at the prices of those items you show above and my eyes bulge. I mean I realize you have to pay a premium for ethical/sustainable manufacturing, and justly so, but whoa even a $40 tank top doesn't fit my budget. Except even sale price sweat shop active gear seems expensive to me so I guess I am just a tightwad in general or have conditioned myself to be after years of thrifting. Until I have more disposable income (?) I will continue to thrift as much of my active gear as I can (sometimes you can find some "barely used" stuff that helps lessen the "ew someone else sweated in this" factor) and/or keep wearing the clearanced pieces that I bought at big box retail until they are threadbare.

    Have a good weekend, glad you are feeling better!

    1. I totally have a bunch of thrift store workout stuff like cotton track jackets, t-shirts and tank tops and some track pants. I also have a bunch of run shirts - either short or long-sleeve wicking shirts that came with my race registration fee. I do buy sports bras, shorts, leggings and socks new though. Socks I can get via Maggie's Organics (or rather, request them as Xmas gifts from my mother) but sports bras, shorts and leggings I've just been getting on clearance at Target and Old Navy (so, like $10 each or so). I feel like I have enough now where if I have to pay that much to replace one or two items, I can swing it - but if I had to start out that way it would have taken me forever.

      I'm excited to see what you come up with with your serger! I'm always jealous of people with sewing skills. I've taken a bunch of classes but I'm crap at getting the machine to work properly. (And even taking it out to set it up with a bunch of needles and pins and thread around the cats.)

      Thank you - I'm thrilled to be feeling better! I owe it all to acupuncture and Chinese herbs!


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