That 10 Pound Problem is Solved

I've spent most of my spare time doting on a ferocious rescued tabby kitten lately (see Instagram evidence) so I haven't been all that present here.  Simone now rules my life and likely will until I get her adopted.  Her spay appointment isn't until the 11th though so she'll be with us for a little while longer.

The last time I checked in I was trying to size-up some of my wardrobe by "buying used" -- less impact, more time searching, whatever.  I did find one pair of pants that I still need to get hemmed, although I'm still not sure about the fit.  It was frustrating to dig through racks for an immediate need and I was tired of feeling bad about myself for a big-f'n-deal 10 pounds.  And then I just decided to get a number of American Apparel tent and babydoll dresses (some of vintage fabrics) and call it a day.  It's not my proudest moment but I just couldn't mentally deal with it any longer.  At least I'll be able to use them once the weight is off - and if it never comes off now, who cares?

I wore this to:  
work and then see The Dark Crystal 
on fan night at BAM, nerd-style

American Apparel tent dress
Mata Traders silver Global Echo necklace (c/o Mata Traders)

jao tent dress and babydoll dress aa


Summoning the pants shopping gods

Some of you already know I was really sick and underweight a few months ago.  I toiled mercilessly to carb-load (which is fun when your stomach works but horrible when it doesn't) and I finally reached my former weight again.  And then it just kept going up -- so for pretty much the first time in my life I was faced with clothing not fitting due to weight gain. Like, no bottoms except leggings and one pair of pants fit.  Meanwhile, we are approaching Fall.  I'm carrying an extra 10 pounds and that's not really a big deal, except needing to wear pants that fit.

Too small
 ^ dire texts ^

 At first I was in denial (because it was gradual), trying to cram myself in my pants anyway.  Then I started wanting to size up, sending frustrated texts to my boyfriend about wanting to have immediate gratification, using sweatshop options.  A bunch of "poor me" inner dialogue trying to justify the easy way out.  But, you know, not really an option.  Thankfully I had someone to text real-time to tell on myself because that's what saved me from doing it.

This weekend will find me sorting through the racks at Beacon's Closet and some other resale and thrift stores to find some bigger items until I've been back to exercise for long enough that I can go back to my older clothes. Please send wishes that the Pants Shopping Gods are on my side.  Or god - surely there is only one.


10 Words or Less

^ enjoying a haircut I don't have to brush ^

^ seemingly unseasonal ^

^ finally done with Chinese herbs for stomach issues ^

Feral cat
^ in preparation for 10/16, National Feral Cat Day ^

^ vintage tiger pin from local skate boutique ^


What I'm doing on FB and Pinterest (but not Twitter)

I've been using this blog's FB page for stuff I just want to share but don't necessarily want to blog real words about. It took me a while to start using that page but now I finally am.  So, FB and Pinterest (but rarely Twitter).  And of course, Instagram (but that's mostly cat pictures, let's be honest; the temptation is too much.)

You can find the following on FB:
- vegan and cruelty-free makeup options
- links to blog posts from others
- USA or otherwise ethically made apparel and accessories
- shared thoughts on being a more conscious buyer and how we talk about this stuff

jao fb

I like what I like

Well, I like what I like, I guess.  These are actually two different shirts with the same necklace - but they look exactly alike.  One is a cotton tank top (Make It Good) and the other is a blousey rayon shirt (Mary Meyer).  It's amazing that in a small recently cleaned-out wardrobe, I can still have such similar items. Or maybe that's a good sign that I kept what I liked the most and some of it is similar.





Season of the witch, yeah.

Cyclically I hate either my long or short hair and want the opposite.  Since I've had long hair for a while, now I want shorter hair again and my bangs are causing me serious teen-style angst.  On Wednesday my hairdresser will chop off my hair and facilitate long side bangs.

Today, after I tried on a bunch of Yes To, Pacifica and e.l.f. makeup (thanks, Target) and was already standing in front of a mirror, I tried to make side-bangs out of nothing to convince myself to go through with the cut.  When I say I hate it, you can say, "I told you so.  You do this every year, dude."  In other news, I'm pretty into the Yes to Grapefruit CC Cream that Ashlee Piper recommended on R29 here.

{Pacifica is all vegan; e.l.f. is all vegan and Yes To... has mostly vegan products - I just posted the vegan info to my FB page.}

"Why yes, I am wearing two different eyeliners."

ytg cc 
SPF 18 and some tint to ward off the winter zombie face. Sold. 


Active Wear Options

I will admit that I've been really lax when it comes to more ethical workout gear.  I gave myself a pass because I find exercise challenging (high school gym class failure here!) and I didn't want to add an extra hurdle to making myself do it. However, I'm now ready to be an adult in this area and focus on more ethically-made options.  I'll be pinning "ethically"-made active wear HERE if you want to follow along.  I am not going to get rid of what I have just because it isn't what I'd choose to buy now, but I'll hang on to it for as long as it's useful to be as green as possible. But as I need to replace items, I'll look to better brands rather than letting myself buy Target's C9 or Old Navy.

Threads 4 Thought have an active wear line this season.  I've written about Threads 4 Thought before - they have a monitored manufacturing process.  Some of their active wear has recycled poly content, too.

t4t 1

Just wanted to share those options in case anyone else was looking to sweat in something non-sweatshop.