Yes, it's actually the end of summer, somewhat predictably.

Everyone is talking about the end of summer like the sky is falling. I actually missed most of spring and summer because I was so sick. On one hand, I am a bitter spoiled brat about this. Summer is my favorite season.  Outside! My birthday! More outside! Beach! Parks! Day trips! Whatnot! And on the other more gracious hand, I am just grateful that I only lost the summer.  I never got a conclusive diagnosis (there are strong suspicions) and I'm almost back to normal. There are many people who have what I had for life.  But of course it doesn't stop me from thinking expletives when people complain that summer is ending.  At least you had a summer, person. And then I have to remind myself to be grateful again. 
 I wore this to:  work, food co-op shopping

shirt/American Apparel (older)
necklace/Clyde's Rebirth
skirt/Mousevox Vintage
shoes/Cri de Coeur

Apparently I did a bang-up job increasing my caloric intake since I surpassed my previous winter weight and am now over that.  I didn't realize it until I put on this skirt and ouch, man.  I don't care about a few extra pounds but it's a bummer when clothes don't fit comfortably any longer. 


  1. So glad to read that you are close to "normal" again. Food-wise. Hopefully anything else stays wonderfully "not-normal". Let's stay weird! For me, far too many people on this planet are normal. I hope that you will recover completely. All the very very best, Sabine

    1. Thank you! I agree, I prefer to stay abnormal. xo

  2. You look lovely, but I know what you mean. And when you're short, a few pounds easily means a full size or two. I'm up about 7-10 pounds right my myself. We'll just enjoy a little extra ladylike curve for a bit until things regulate. Mine also comes as a result of (different, but also ongoing) medical issues. Wishing you continued good health, lady!!

    1. Oh no. I hope you are okay? Yes, the extra weight definitely is pushing me into a larger size so I'm just trying to ride it out with flowy stuff until it goes back to where it was before this whole health debacle started.


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