Found you: another MIA from my closet

One of the positives of stripping my closet of everything I'm ambivalent about was unearthing stuff I forgot I had.  (The dress and cardigan from my last post are two examples.)  Shoes were not an exception.  I installed two shoe racks and "limited" my shoes to 19 pairs, instead of piling shoe boxes on top of each other like some shantytown of Cri de Coeur boxes and I found a few pairs I forgot I even had.

Like these unworn American Apparel sneakers.  They needed some time with the shoe stretcher to fit right but they're canvas so it only took a day.

I recently heard from a former American Apparel employee that not all of their shoes and accessories are made in the USA, which is so misleading. I checked these guys out and there is a "Made in the USA" stamped on the bottom but that's something sneaky to watch out for at American Apparel.  How surprising.


  1. Cute shoes! Shopping one's own closet is the best. :)

    But that sucks about AA in general. Do you know in which foreign countries they manufacture these days? I've also read in way too many sources that the Made in the USA-stamp really doesn't mean what it used to mean anyway - it could be sweatshops in the South Pacific, or sweatshops on mainland USA, for that matter. It's depressing. :(

    1. Ugh. Even the LA factories are no cakewalk. I'm not sure where their other stuff is made - next time I'm there I'll poke around to see if I can find some labels.

  2. I was shopping closet yesterday checking out the "don't fit yet" pieces at the top and some fit, yay! :D My closet is crazy minimal right now, love it. Less clutter is happiness. Also, thanks for the AA tip.


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