Slow Summer

This summer is not really like my others, that's for sure.  I'm seeing some slow improvement, though.  I weighed in at 3 pounds heavier than my last visit and I'm 3 pounds away from normal weight.  (I've been warned that my weight gain will slow at this point so to continue to expect slow improvement.)  My appetite is improving but not all the way yet.  I'm still doing acupuncture and Chinese herbs and other medicine.  I'm able to get around by myself now, though, which I couldn't do before so that is a great improvement to feel like I can leave the house without my body f'n failing me.

I know it's the blogger cardinal sin to repost stuff from Instagram but I'm having a low content life lately so here you go --- headbands with salt & pepper roots, a DIY manicure (the first sign I was feeling better) and some picnic reading in the sun adjacent to a dog who really really wanted my sandwich.


photo 3.JPG

photo 2.JPG



  1. Obviously, it's your head and your business--- but I love the salt and pepper hair!

    I've meant to tell you for months that I can't comment on Blogger blogs from an iPad. No idea why, and I'm not sure there's anything you can do about it..... I'm training myself to only read blogs on a computer, because I always forget to come back and comment.

    1. Thank you! I actually have a hair appointment tomorrow to go in for a dye. I couldn't figure out a way to grow it in with long hair without having to go through a year or two of gray roots. My hair isn't white enough to lighten the whole thing to make the roots less visible but maybe when it is I can go that route. Or when I decide I want shorter hair, it's more attainable to stop dying.

      I have the SAME issue with my ipad. It will let me in the text box but then it freezes. It's really annoying.


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