Mata Traders' Blogger Style

As you guys know, I had two posts about Mata Traders clothing and accessories recently and they've now posted them to their blog here and here.  I always like seeing how clothes looks on non-model people so I've liked looking at their other Blogger Style features and seeing not only how the Mata Traders stuff fits others but also how they wear it. 

Mata Traders also talks about their design and production on their blog so I've liked getting a glimpse of that as well. Just wanted to do a little shout out to that kind of transparency.

del mata traders blog screencap


  1. Haha! I wish I was buying basics. Next time I need some I should hit you up for some info, 'cos I just always end up being distracted by prints and colors. But much much much more than sensible dress sense, I wish you were feeling bettah. Sending you much healing hippie vibes, dear. Keep us posted when you can.
    Ps. I love grey hair! I don't have any yet but I often scan my hair in giddy anticipation ;) Also interesting about the catcalls.

    1. Thanks for the well wishes, lady! I'm hoping it's soon!


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