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While I try not to buy new if I can help it, what I usually find myself buying new is basics.  I just saw Ecolissa post about a basic short-sleeve scoop neck top that I could see getting a lot of wear.  The Ecolissa product details just say "Imported" but I hit up the Threads 4 Thought site and they have a nice video that discusses where they manufacture, working conditions and waste water recycling. 

del t4t scoop neck

I'm skipping buying clothes these days and you won't see any outfit pictures on this blog any time soon since I'm still dealing with this stomach illness issue.  The interesting thing about still being really sick and being forced to work remotely (since I have to plan my specific meals at specific times) is that I rarely care what I look like and I'm content in the same pair of denim shorts and a t-shirt pretty much every day.  Granted, if I had to go to work, I'd be responsible for appearing more presentable and I'd need more put-together clothing without wearing the same thing every day - but for now I don't.  I wish I could say it felt liberating at this point but it really just feels like I still don't have the energy to stay on top of basic self-care needs.  It seems to be improving in tiny increments very very very slowly so I'm hoping that I am almost through this very soon.  

I haven't quite decided if I'm letting all my gray hair grown in or if I'll end up dying it again since I haven't been to the salon in so long.  (When the only time you leave the house is to go to doctor appointments and that's effort that messes up your eating, you don't prioritize the salon very much.)  On the pro side of the argument: wouldn't need to make hair dye appointments any longer and I hear catcalls decline when you have gray streaks.  Con side of the argument: I don't have cool platinum gray or nice Bride of Frankenstein streaks so I don't know if I really want the level of salt-and-pepper I have right now.  I might have to wait until I can trade up to a full silver fox bob later in life.


  1. Hey, I am sad to hear that you are still struggeling with this stomach thing. Was the body scan helpful? Hope you get well soon! Best regards, Sabine

    1. Thanks,Sabine! I get the results tomorrow but I think they haven't found anything or I would have heard it by now. Luckily I'm seeing some small incremental improvements from acupuncture twice per week and Chinese herbs 2x per day. Hopefully that continues and creates a tipping point! xo - J

  2. Ouf. Sorry to hear things continue to be hard in the health department. You have a lot of readers rooting for you.

    Thanks for the tee recommend. I also like Everlane's scoopnecks (they rock a transparent manufacturing-process/cost ethos). I do still buy a few things new and nonethical when I can count on fit and know I'll wear it until I cannot. I hope to improve the source of those purchases someday, too, though.

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! And thank you for the postcard! My coworkers scanned it and emailed it to me since I've been out of the office!

      I am the same way - I think if you know you're going to use something and it will serve you well and there aren't other options, it's better than having to burn through a bunch of unknown options, one after another.

  3. I'm glad to hear there are some little improvements. It must be hard to find happiness when things have been unwell for a protracted amount of time. I am terrible at sending packages in any reasonable amount of timing, but would like to send you a brooch I have of a bird that whenever I wear it I think I should send to you (it's a vintagey one- a parrot - not a sparrow and not colourful) and no reciprocity expected.You can email me your address if you want to: t_steadnz(at sign) yahoo(dot)co(dot)nz
    take care x

  4. I'm sorry you have been ill, but glad that you are improving.

    If you are not happy with the gray, try a home semi-permanent dye. They wash out is about a month, but give a bit of temporary color.


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