Vegan style: maxi skirt weather

Hey everyone!  Not too much has changed since my last health update.  I am working with a nutritionist now who has me on a very strict elimination diet to see if we can figure out what is triggering my stomach issues.  When I say strict, I mean STRICT.  The three vegetables I can eat are:  boiled baby carrots, peeled and de-seeded boiled zucchini and canned beets.  The only fruits I can eat are canned pears, canned peaches, bananas or frozen fruit but only if it's pulverized by my Vitamix. Very limited fats and oils (so stuffing myself with hazelnuts and brazil nuts was not so smart because they're hard to digest - in fact I can't eat nuts at all unless it's 1 tsp of nut butter).  The meal plan clocks me in at 1500 calories per day (although usually less) and I have a horrible time trying to get that much in me.  I'm still 8 pounds underweight, which means I lost 7% of my bodyweight and the goal right now is to not lose any more and eventually try to gain it back.  I am also still working with my general practitioner, gastroenterologist, and any other expert who might be able to offer help.  That and watching copious amounts of Gossip Girl on Netflix.

So mostly I've been focusing on my trillion doctor's appointments, keeping up with work and wearing leggings and tunics or leggings and loose dresses with black canvas slip-ons all the time.  It's the only thing I can guarantee will fit.  I'm ready to walk into American Apparel and buy like 5 of those shapeless baby doll dresses and 2 more pair of black leggings to make sure I never have to think about what to wear again.  I know I've always valued a "uniform" but never as much as I do now.

This was one day previously where I was still getting sleep (oh, yeah, did I mention I've had insomnia weeks now?) and woke up a little hungry!  That's a rarity these days.  It lasted for half the day and then I immediately felt full again but it was nice to feel normal for half a day.

^ shirt/vintage Loretta Lynne Dude Ranch t-shirt, tailored by me ^
skirt/vintage via Mousevox on Etsy
shoes/cotton Kandals slip-ons made in Spain from Mooshoes

Reclaimed home

Reclaimed home

^ a "get well" gift to myself ^
cute small bag from a salvage shop

photo 1.JPG 

^ tulips at the garden ^


  1. Love that little "get well" purse. I'm glad to hear you have a team of experts helping you. Your meal plan sounds bland, but you gotta start somewhere, right?

    1. Yeah, it will be bland for a while I fear. I did gain 2 pounds between May and now though so at least it's moving in the right direction. My calorie goal was just increased to 1700-1800 seems impossible but hopefully I can ease into it and put on more weight. 5 more pounds to go! And hopefully it'll be less of a struggle to eat by then.

  2. Happy to hear you're on a road to figuring things out and sometimes feeling better, don't lose hope! I've had gut problems too, but to no degree like you. I've recently given up most dairy - my breakfast is now granola, almond milk, and berries. Do you think you may have diverticulitis?

    1. Thank you! The only symptoms I have are of getting full really fast and burping (reflux but without the pain of heartburn). So it doesn't sound like any of that. The nutritionist thinks it's IBS which I why I'm on an elimination diet (and I already don't eat meat, eggs, dairy or spicy food) an thinks it will take some time to get back to eating normal amounts again and figure out what I can eat. My stomach feels better than it did, at least.


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