Thank you!

I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind words on my last post about dealing with an undiagnosed but on-going illness.  I am replying to everyone individually but I just wanted to say it "out loud" since I know not everyone looks for reply comments. 

I am going to try to blog at least semi-regularly.  Not because I feel like anyone needs to hear from me or because I think this blog is terribly important but because it gives me something to think about that's not stomach illness-related.  I really need things to distract me from thinking about that every minute of every day.

However, despite not wanting to think about food any more than I have to -- if you guys can think of any vegan-friendly high-calorie foods that are not super filling, I'd love to hear them here.  I'm still trying to figure out food I can eat without a lot of effort that carries a high-calorie count.  (Yes, I have to log every ounce of food I eat to make sure I'm making it to a "sedentary-level" calorie requirement per day and I'm not always successful.)  I've got things like high calorie smoothies, bananas, nuts, avocados, crackers, mashed potatoes and rice with vegetables on my list.

And vegan ice cream, too!

Ice cream


  1. Is garlic bread too filling? I could eat a loaf daily, no problem, but I may be an exception.

    1. Bread works but unfortunately I can't do anything too "spicy" or "strong" or the like because it ends up hurting my stomach. Thankfully I can still do garlic in some stuff but coffee and chocolate are out. Thank you for the suggestion, though! I remember garlic bread fondly and hopefully one day I'll get to have it again!

  2. Full fat coconut milk in everything! Rice made with full fat coconut milk is delightfully rich and flavorful, but still mild.

    1. ...and use that full-fat coconut milk to make bread pudding? Why am I so hung up on feeding you bread? Rice pudding with Sarah's coconut milk again?

      Leek and potato soup is one of my favorite mild flavors, though NY might be warm for soup.

  3. When my dad had major stomach problems and lost a lot of weight, he started drinking a beverage made of black sesame seeds. It was a powder form (to which he added water). He found it at an Asian food store. It was smooth, not spicy, and had some good nutrients. Other than that, avocados were his friend. Hope that helps!


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