Lazy hair: the braid bun

I have been looking for an easy up-do that takes less than 5 minutes to complete and works on my long but layered hair.  I originally thought the teased-ponytail bun would be the answer but my hair is really heavy and layered and I end up needing more bobby pins than a '50s housewife to keep my "low maintenance" bun...a bun.  I did try the up-do pin but it didn't work consistently, layers were still an issue and also it hurt sometimes!  I can't believe people use that thing on kids.

This is my new lazy-hair jam - the braid bun.  It's really fast and has worked fairly consistently.  This pinterest tutorial gives you the general concept.  I basically do a high pony, braid it (upside-down), tiny-elastic the braid end, twist the braid around the base of the ponytail and then Spin Pin the heck out of it with 3 short spin pins and one or two bobby pins to get any loose strands.

I am not advanced enough to fishtail braid the way this tutorial does so if you can, go for it.  They show you puffing out your fishtail braid here for bun volume but I do not do this with the regular braid.  

Lay your lazy hair tutorials on me if you have them. 


  1. I envy you your heavy hair! Mine is fine and fluffy, and will never make a bun bigger than a walnut. There's never enough to hide a bun form, either, so I always end up with a buzz cut. What it lacks in curb appeal it makes up for in requiring no styling whatsoever.

  2. When I had long hair over a year ago, it used to be a daily struggle "what to do with my hair" Buns were awesome because it was simple and got it right out of my face. But then I dealt with being the librarian wearing a bun, doh! This one looks easy and sophisticated enough, and probably gets easier as your hair gets longer.


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