Good Apples: Manufacturing Transparency

I figured since most of the time I just harp about the lack of transparency with most apparel, I should actually share when I run into companies that seem to have their stuff together.  (Or, when my boyfriend runs into them, as is the case with 2 of the 3 examples here.)

American Giant 

Apparently these are amazingly popular selling-like-hotcakes hoodies?  I swear I have never heard of them but you can read all about them at this Business Insider link (video, too). They have a few women's basics like t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts and hoodies.  The wall behind the guy they're interviewing in the video has an illustration of a bunch of women's basics pinned up - so I can dream that they'll expand to other things as well.

They are:

- made in the USA
- cotton sourced in the USA
- made for utility and (I'm assuming) longevity

blog american giant tshirt
^ American Giant women's t-shirt ^

blog american giant sweatshirt
^ American Giant women's long-sleeve t-shirt ^

Blackspot Unswooshers (Adbusters)

Okay, these kind of look like eco-Fluevogs.  Wait, they actually are Fluevog-designed.  Let me be clear, these are totally not my jam.  I wouldn't wear them but I know there are people out there who really like this style and now there is an ethical version.

- organic hemp uppers
- recycled tire sole
- hand drawn logo & red sweet spot for kicking Nike’s ass
- designed by Vancouver-based footwear-guru John Fluevog
- made in a unionized shop in Portugal
- Black spot logo made out of recycled inner tube
blackspot unswoosher

Raven & Lily (not a vegan company but some vegan options)

I originally read about Raven & Lily on Grist.  If you scroll to the bottom of their main site, you'll see several collections listed - USA, Ethiopia, India, Cambodia and Kenya.  Each collection is made by at-risk women within those communities (and they show you how here).  While there's a lot of leather in the jewelry and some accessories, there's quite a bit without it.  The Cambodia collection has some nice apparel options.

blog rnl dress cambodia
^ Raven & Lily Cambodia collection contrast dress ^