Vegan Style: What I Wore (v. "Spring")

If there's anything this series of pictures highlights it's that I really intensely love black and that I pose the same way every time, except for which way my head is facing.  If I were more ambitious, I'd try to recreate that Miranda July posing video but I'm not.  At least not right now.  Talk to me when I realize mid-year that you can put all of my outfit pictures in a chronological flipbook and my head will move back and forth and plants will grow but that's the only thing that happens.

top: via a blogger's shop my closet
pants:  reused, thrift store
sneakers: american apparel

shirt: clothing swap
skirt, leggings:  american apparel
shoes:  vintage, etsy

cardigan: sweatshop, 6 years old
dress: urban renewal (US-made, salvaged material)
pants:  re-used, thrift
sneakers:  keep company jamal homers

bag:  matt & nat* mitsuko
coat:  vaute couture
(pants, sneakers: see above picture)
{see below for more matt & nat info}

dressing room picture from american apparel
babydoll top

I don't usually do dressing room reviews but I kind of wished I'd had one for the American Apparel babydoll top to save me the trip.  I was looking for anything that would cover my butt and be appropriate for work.  Online these guys looked fairly fitting.  But in the store all of the XS and S were still pretty big and while they weren't low cut, they did dip down quite a bit in the back.  While I don't mind that for weekend wear, that's nothing I want to wear to work.  So, now you know.  I do want to try on their tent dresses though, which I didn't notice until I was already leaving the store and late for something (as always).

Like every New Yorker, I'm excited for spring.  I'm finally being inspired to ditch wearing the same black jeggings or leggings every day.  (Literally, the same leggings - as you can see from my baggy knees leggings picture above.  Sorry, world.)  I know this winter has been long for all of us so I will drop the topic before it turns into whining and just say I'm really looking forward to spring and warmer weather.  (In direct contrast to the hail that happened yesterday morning.)

* Matt & Nat - I did write to Matt & Nat regarding their labor standards and they will have information out about this very soon.  I was given some details but asked not to currently share the information as they're really making an effort to discuss labor in the very near future, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they have up their sleeves.  Matt & Nat is an all vegan brand that uses PU or PVC for their bags' exteriors (although I wish they'd note which on the bag's profile) and they often use recycled materials on the bags' interiors.