Vegan Style: Stuff I Wore v. End of Winter

Recently I had to give up coffee due to some stupid and unfair stomach issues.  The combination of very little caffeine (thanks for nothing, tea!) and the lingering winter is really making me feel like I've fallen into an unfortunate hibernation from which it's taking months to rebound.  I also took to dressing like a '90s hardcore kid on my days off - grubby cuffed flood-length jeans with black socks and 10-year old Sauconys topped with a t-shirt and flannel.  (Yeah, seriously.)  It was not a pretty sight but that didn't stop me from attending art openings in it, and sallying forth to all sorts of social engagements looking like...that.  All that to say, I'm anxiously awaiting spring and spring clothing.  And I look forward to a summer of iced teas, if not iced coffees.

I've been trying to wear things I don't have in my regular rotation and work with some type of accessory for each outfit.  (IG's #noveltybroochfriday is good inspiration.)

american apparel shirt and pants (USA)
vintage belt (re-use)
neuaura loafers (monitored labor standards)

black floral dress - Dusty Rose Vintage Buy the Bag
sweatshop cardigan (6? years old)
With Care pin (handmade)

I have been trying to research my February Sustainable Wardrobe Goal ("Where should your clothes go when you don't want them any longer?") and all references to end-of-life outcomes for apparel seem to lead to Elizabeth Cline's Overdressed.  I'm re-reading that portion of the book and will hopefully have a post on that shortly!  I guess I shouldn't be surprised - there is so little transparent information about the topic and she did do first-hand research.  I do think the topic is something that deserves attention. So many people think that their discards find good homes and are used by other people, when that's not really the case.


  1. "grubby cuffed flood-length jeans with black socks and 10-year old Sauconys topped with a t-shirt and flannel." ... Some of us like it better when you dress that way!

    1. Well, luckily I'm lazy pretty often so that should make you happy!


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