Finding adult semi-formal clothes, green and vegan.

A while ago I wrote about needing to find at least one semi-formal event dress for a wedding.  But I still wanted to keep with my (attempted) humane and green ethos, so I started checking resale and consignment shops first.  Occasionally Beacon's Closet will deliver but a lot of their vintage evening wear is not in the best shape. 


dress/ Two Lovers
studded pleather clutch/resale shop in Philly
tights/Maggie's Organics

Thankfully I know of at least two resale shops in Brooklyn that cater to women who need to dress professionally.  You know, like skirts no higher than 3 finger-lengths above their knee and an absence of most decolletage --- but not frumpy.  Thankfully they also have semi-formal stuff, too.

They are:  Two Lovers and m.a.e.

photo 5.JPG


I found both a Betsy Johnson* black satin and lace waitress-style dress and the dress above at Two Lovers.  (I didn't find wedding stuff at m.a.e. but I did find this floral dress.)

I wore the Betsy Johnson to the wedding mostly because my boyfriend didn't "get" the Some Odd Rubies* dress.  I loosely quote:  "It looks like a potato sack that puts a lot of emphasis on your arm tattoos."  And since it was his family's wedding, I let that decide the issue. And also because I was happy to wear either dress.  Instead I wore the "sack of potatoes that put too much emphasis on my tattoos" to my work holiday party.  And it was fine.  (HR didn't speak to me after the event at any rate.)

I've tried a few other consignment places in the area and holy mothballs.  Different demographic!  I'm still looking for consignment shops that aren't for you know, Youth (Beacon's Closet) or the walker crowd (any number of regular ol' consignment shops).

* Neither Betsey Johnson nor Some Odd Rubies have any labor or animal welfare standards disclaimers.  I don't usually include brand names if I think they're likely sweatshop but I did in this case because they're more "prestigious" name brands than you might find in some resale places to demonstrate what kind of stuff these stores have.  That said, I wouldn't buy new from either brand until I could confirm decent people and animal standards.


  1. Makes me want to start a clothing brand. Semi-adult - clothes for the not-quite-grown-up ;)

    1. Now THAT'S a line I'd wear! I love it.


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