2014 Ethical Fashion Goals: A Goal for Each Month

Last year my 2013 goal was conversational Spanish.  Yeah, okay.  I made some efforts there and I have a better vocabulary than I did (low bar!) but in no way I am conversing in Spanish.  So, fail.  But there was some improvement.  This year my real-life 2014 goal is to get collars and tags on all my cats.  They're indoor-only but accidents happen and when cats get out so few of them actually make it back home.  This is usually because they have no visible ID and people assume they belong outside.  So my cats will all have collars and tags with my contact info along with an "IF I'M OUTSIDE, I'M LOST!" tag as well.  My cats hate collars so this will probably actually take me all year.

As far as the blog, though, I have a few general practices I want to continue:

  • I'd like to buy used (vegan) items when I can.  
  • Barring the above, I'd like to continue my efforts to buy either US-made or from dependable companies who have very specific claims about their labor standards (vegan, of course).
Then I saw the Inelegant Horserider's Year of Challenges, which is a new sustainably-themed challenge each month.  In about two seconds I decided I was going to steal from her.  (I asked.  Naturally.)  Mostly because I need some accountability to push me to do things.  True story:  lazy and easily distracted person right here.

Here are My 2014 Goals!  Some of these are verbatim from the Inelegant Horserider and some are slightly adjusted.

2014 Goals: 
(Completed goals are linked in the month or at 
the end of the goal if it's got more than one part)

  1. January Attend a swap (bring clothes but be moderate and selective with takes)
  2. February Research and post about options for routing unwanted clothing
  3. March:  Learn more about how I can reduce the impact of washing my clothing – this is inspired by this post on thedoublelifeofmrsm
  4. April:  Participate in Fashion Revolution Day on 4/24
  5. May:  Alter an item for use (can be same use, but fixed item - or used for new purpose)
  6. June:  Research and post about fabric impact -  both of non-animal "eco" fabrics (I know there is conflicting information out there but knowing what is said out there is my goal) in additional to animal-sourced textiles {Progress: 1. bamboo; ...}
  7. July:  Mending!  What's got holes or is missing a button? Or just needs a hem adjustment?  Re-soling?  (I don't have to do all this myself - but cobblers and tailors can help)
  8. August:  No purchases for the month (apparel, shoe or bag)
  9. September:  Review how what I've acquired so far matches (or doesn't) what I swore I would stick to as my go-to themes in 2014 and beyond.
  10. October:  Figure out a better way to store brand information on my "I Shop" page, which houses a number of brands along with their information re animals, labor and environment. 
  11. November:  No purchases for the month (apparel, shoe or bag)
  12. December:  Actually hire a seamstress to make a dress from a pattern for me.  I tried to do this last year and got tripped up by fabric purchases and findings.

Things I chose to skip from Stephanie's original list!

  • I am skipping the knitting!  I don't like it and the cats like it too much.
  • I regularly do outfit posts so I won't include that as a goal. 
  • Having a  piece of "slow" fashion made by an ethical company/local designer (I switched this out for the seamstress one, since that was already a plan of mine).
  • Post some style inspiration posts using only ethical clothing companies.  (I think I already do this sometimes in brand profiles and I think October's goal is kind of similar.) 

So, thanks to Stephanie for the idea and letting me thieve it!

As you can see, January's goal is to attend a swap where I bring items to give to others but am selective about what I take.  I will get that chance Sunday as there's a local swap hosted by a friend that will be attended by some lovely vegan ladies. 


  1. Hey! Great post, I have realised that your plan of assigning months is much smarter than mine so I think I will go back and sort mine out for that. Good ideas for the alternative ones as well, I agree that you already do both the outfit and style inspiration ones - I use your blog for inspiration :)
    Looking forward to the year of challenges, a little worried as I have realised it is nearing the end of January and I haven't achieved a challenge...yet!

  2. I like this month to month challenge. I'm doing something similar with creative goals, herbal medicine and fun goals like cooking and camping, but I'd love to expand it to things like this. I'm currently inventorying all the clothes I bought last year and figuring out how I could reduce that number. I look forward to updates and discussions with you. Love.

  3. Oh I like that mending business! This list is goooood.


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