Vegan Style | Snow Day

As soon as I complained about winter in my last post, it snowed the very next morning.  My boyfriend told me to look out the window as I was waking up and I think my response was something like, "WHY? NO!  No."  Boo.  Hiss.   

photo 2.JPG

^ sweater/kennedy holmes etsy shop (reuse)
bag/cri de coeur (decent labor standards)
button-down/thrift or resale shop (reuse)
pants/dusty rose vintage buy the bag sale (reuse)
boots/sweatshop (boo)
socks/maggie's organics cotton (org, decent labor standards)

photo 5.JPG 

^ OCC lip tar - vegan company and a little goes a long way
(a very teeny tiny little, seriously...or it bleeds)
Sephora carries this now and the display nicely reads "VEGAN" loud and proud.