Vegan Style | Clothes for Cold Death Months

Firstly, thank you for all of your comments on the H&M and angora rabbit post.  I thought it would be too much of a bummer for people to read much less respond to so it was a nice surprise that people commented.  

I got a little bored with outfit pictures and put together a few collages. And YES, I snuck in stuff I've already Instagrammed which I know is trite and horrible to do -- to the point where people complain about bloggers doing it all the time and yet I did it anyway.  However, two are cat pictures and I know the internet forgives such transgressions.

pm collage green skirt

^  shirt/swap
skirt/American Apparel
necklace/Buffalo Exchange
tights/Maggie's Organics

pm collage pleated skirt

^  shirt/Beacon's Closet (reuse)
skirt/Dusty Rose Vintage buy the bag (reuse)
tights/Maggie's Organics (org, decent labor standards)
shoes/Neuaura (vegan brand, decent labor standards)
pin/vintage (reuse)

pm cats and winter 

^  top left - plaid flannel dress (Beacon's, reuse) and pin (Etsy, reuse)
bottom right - flannel, vest (reuse), scarf (sweatshop), phone case (made of trash)
top right and bottom left - Ollie, found in a parking lot in Queens, NY

I hope you're keeping warm and well as we move into my least favorite of seasons.  I know some people like winter and I'm really trying.  Really.  But the first words that come to my mind when I have to deal with winter are Cold Death Months.  Also, Forever Suffering and Numb.  How do people just think of the holidays and hot chocolate?!  My mind always goes to, "Everything outside is cold and suffering and hopefully they make it through the winter alive."  I am enjoying the Sanrio advent calendar pictured above, though.  Can't get that during the summer.


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