Product Review: Weleda lotions

I like to use stuff for a while if I'm going to do a product review.  Things work differently over time, as you get used to them or notice whether they work well long-term. 

These little lotions were in a Vegan Cuts Beauty Box.  I really love the Beauty Box - I feel like it gives me a nice range of stuff to try, often in sample sizes, so if something really doesn't work for me, I haven't ended up with a full-size product that's going to waste.  And I have liked a majority of the stuff in the Beauty Boxes so far.

So, 4 Weleda lotions. I was happy to try these because everyone is always so hopped up about Weleda and what a great brand they are. (Weleda is not a strictly vegan company - their vegan products are listed on this page.  None of their products or product ingredients are tested on animals and they discuss some of their other efforts and values at this page.)

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- I like the consistency of these --  they're kind of middle of the road.  They feel lightweight going on but are pretty moisturizing for not being so thick.  Not greasy or filmy.  They absorb nicely.  They're not a winter weight moisturizer if you are looking for something really thick and protective but for every other day of the year, they're perfect.  (I only mention this because it's winter in NYC.)

- I like the Citrus, Pomegranate and (surprisingly) Sea Buckthorn scents.  I can see buying these scents in the future - especially Citrus and Pomegranate.

- I usually love rose-scented stuff.  Even the fakey Dr. Bronner's rose stuff.  I'm a rose fan. But the Wild Rose Weleda lotion makes me gag.  It is so unlike any rose scent I've ever smelled in a truly horrible way.  (I'm so sorry, Weleda!  Everything else was great!)  Your olfactory equipment might be different but, fair warning, rose-fans - smell this one first! 


  1. I love Weleda and grew up on it, since one of the few "beauty" products my mom would use was their oil, and I still think that oiling your whole body seems "grown-up" and "glamorous" (because I have a five-year-old's mind), BUT and this is not exclusive AT ALL TO WELEDA, they are so grossly over-priced!!!! When I was a "regular" consumer, I always thought this must be because they use really good ingredients etc. NOUP. I don't know what it is, probably that beauty stuff is just where the profit margins are 'cos women WILL keep buying them, but once I got my hands on a wholesale catalogue at work I discovered that those precious Weleda products are marked up not just double the wholesale price, but TRIPLE!!!!! That's right: the wholesale price of those babies is a THIRD of the suggested retail price. That really turned me off most cosmetics, whether they be organic, vegan, whatever, because damn. It particularly grates me because in the case of these "groovy" cosmetics, YOU KNOW a part of the price is our expectations that animal and earth friendly, non-toxic products cost more. As they should. But how about, you know, double the price?
    Sorry, rant over.

    1. Oh my gosh - I had no idea they were so expensive! I just looked them up on Amazon. Our food co-op sells them so I just assumed it was pretty affordable since we don't carry many high-ticket items! That is a HUGE mark-up! I guess I'll use what I have but won't buy more. I'm fine using Nature's Gate!

  2. I tried to citrus lotion and loved how it was thin and light yet not too oily. May have to try more of their stuff. The price ia right!

    1. Oops - that reply below was meant to be to your comment!

  3. Yes, it's a really nice weight! Milla just noted in the comment above that they have a huge price markup though and are fairly expensive so maybe I'll just use what I have? I had no idea they were so expensive ($12 for 2.5 oz?)!

  4. I always thought they only made hair products? Guess you learn something new every day. I'm always wary of trying those beauty boxes because I only put one thing on my face (besides makeup) day and night. I buy a bottle of Jojoba oil and it's the only thing I've used for like the past 5 years. Best stuff ever. I feel like trying all different beauty cocktails is a recipe for breakouts.

  5. I like that you used them for a while before reviewing, like you say it's good to know how the product performs long term. What is Sea buckthorn?


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