My Holiday Gift Guide - Recycled!

I'm not planning on doing a gift guide this year.  Instead, I'm recycling guides I did in the past two years. That's how seriously hardcore eco I am.


In this holiday gift giving matrix I walk you through a gift guide matrix.  Is buying handmade really all that eco-conscious and useful?  Who do you exchange gifts with?  Is it possible to give them something they need? Or give them credit for services (so if they don't use it, there's not extra crap in the world)?  Also, I know this is not officially a matrix, but it's a good approach to the giving season!


Now, this is a full-on gift guide.  5 of them, actually.   This series focused on how to buy presents for vegans, because I know some "civilians" struggle with that.  So we cover:  winter wear accessories; sweet tooth; small accessories like bags and wallets; jewelry and bath/body/cosmetics.  Plus a suggestion to donate to charity on the person's behalf for the holidays!  (Except not to Heifer International - that stuff is bad news.)

However, I did selfishly put together what I would want to get for the holidays, since I haven't really done that yet! 



  1. Oooohhh! I need those PB cups. In my previous non-vegan life I was addicted to Reeses. And thanks for reminding me to order this beautiful Vaute Couture sweatshirt.

    1. Unfortunately the sweatshirt is now sold out! But they still have the t-shirt version. The sweatshirt was so fleecey soft though...

      I eat way too many of those PB cups! I think it's because I didn't have them for so long. I was the same way - addicted to Reese's PB cups in another life. That and Chunky bars and Almond Joy.

  2. This is awesome! I'm about to write-up a "useful" gifts guide so this is awesome ;) Glad I just found your kitschy blog, the photo of you with toys on your glasses is after my own heart, it truly is...

    1. Thanks, Van! I am checking out your adorable blog right now!


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