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I recently scrolled through some "fall outfits I like" on Pinterest because the slightest hint of cold weather makes me want to wear snowpants and hoodies every day.  I was trying to remind myself how to dress once it's cold out.  And in doing that I realized I essentially liked the same type of outfits over and over again but yet that's not always what I wear.

The common outfit denominators were something like this:
- striped shirts; print shirts on black background; fitted button-down with girl bowties
- black/gray skinnies; dark jeans; tailored pants
- black leggings with short dress/oversized button-down
- fit & flare dresses; party/girlfriend skirts (dumbest names ever)
- '60s style shift dresses
- drapey a-line skirts with pockets
- colors/patterns:  black/gray/leopard/red/blue/trompe l'oeil
- fitted blazers with t-shirts
- biker jackets; denim vests; fitted puffy vests; shawl-neck cardigans; old man cardigans
- loafers; oxfords; ballet flats; black trainers; keds-style sneakers; slip-on sneakers

FASCINATINGn't.  But really, from now on that's the only stuff I want to wear, ever. I want to be the most boring uniform-style dresser in the USA so I can buy exactly what I know I'll wear and won't ever buy clothes I won't use and can eventually stop shopping.  And here this week's efforts.  Mostly black, and all vegan, o' course.  (Excuse the hotel pictures - I was traveling for work.)

dress / bought from a Shop My Closet/Clothes Horse sale

jacket , scarf, shoes / sweatshop
leggings / American Apparel
dress / resale shop

jacket, pants, necklace / re-sale shop
shoes / Good Guys (ethically made)
t-shirt / American Apparel


necklace / Buffalo Exchange

dress / Dusty Rose Vintage clothing swap
leggings, cardigan / American Apparel
shoes / Good Guys

shoes / Good Guys


  1. It's a similar silhouette though yes? You always look great. Do you know I actually sigh with relief when I pinterest-style-shop? It is as if all of the stress of the day disappears looking at style inspiration (which is nuts. totally. but at least I'm not buying anything)

  2. I'm pretty much always obsessed with you. But, I'm like, really really REALLY obsessed with you in that necklace you scored at Buffalo Exchange. Vegan Downton Abbey. Done.

  3. Ooh, nice outfits. I wish I had my style figured out as well as you do, currently I spend most of my time confused by my wardrobe and not really liking much. I love that necklace too.


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