Vegan | Ethical Fashion Links: A real live fox, a tiger throw, Nooworks and Pure Citizen gray cardigan

{.1.} If you're turning down your thermostat and getting cozy: a tiger blanket

This USA-made poly tiger throw from UO.

tiger throw

{.2.} Apparel made in California - and it's not American Apparel

Nooworks is an apparel brand that partners with artists and is made in California - dresses, leggings, etc. (they are not a vegan company, though most of the dresses and leggings I looked at were totally vegan - the shoes, however, were all leather). 

{.3.} A basic gray long cable-knit cotton cardigan with pockets

Pure Citizen has this versatile and basic organic cotton cardigan (cotton and dyes are GOTS certified) for sale.  "Ethically made with partners in India."  I already have some cardigans that are holding up okay but this would be a good replacement staple if you needed one.  Also, how much does this model look like Christine from Future Lint?  Just saying.

vermont sweater pure citizen

{.4.} A real live fox rescued from a fur farm makes the noises a fox makes.

This fox is adorable - thanks Vegansaurus for posting the video!  It reminds me why I am so against fur (okay, I never really forget that but this really reinforces it).   Also:  finally, an answer to the song.  If you can listen to the first few seconds of this, please do so.  You will want to hug foxes forever. 


  1. Thanks! :-) Your post reminds of two things I desperately need: 1. a cotton cardigan, 2. a fox. OMG, how adorable he is. And those eyes. This hits me right in my heart.

    1. I know, those eyes are too sweet! I'm glad you liked it, too!

  2. Wow, fox noises are almost otherworldly! That stupid song has been on constant replay with my kids/husband lately, so seeing and hearing this is very grounding. And that model DOES look like futurelint! In a way less cute & photoshopped "slim" way...

    1. Agreed re the model! The noises knocked my socks off at first - for some reason I really expected barks or something?

  3. oh that fox is so cute! once my in laws had some foxes living in their yard and the babies would sit on their porch! i wish i had heard them making noise like that!


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