Vegan | Ethical Fashion Links - Holidays, Shoes and China

{.1.}  Veg for the Holidays

Rookie's Happy Thanksvegging! gives all you new vegetarians and vegans some sane pointers for riding out the holidays with your omnivorous cohorts. I went vegan 18 years ago so I barely remember how I dealt with my family.  I had so little patience for ridicule that my only recollection is letting my family know that this is either a non-issue for you...or it's really a non-issue because I won't be spending the holidays with you if you can't hack a vegan sitting at your holiday table.  Your choice!  You either get all of me or none of me.  I know a lot of people weren't raised by bossy NJ I-talians where that kind of ultimatum isn't offensive.  So this guide is better for you than my advice.

{.2.}  I like these shoes.

I already have a pair of Good Guys (the Skadebs), which I have been wearing a lot lately. But I also really like these Brubeck loafers.


{.3.} Animal Testing in China Update

Logical Harmony has an informative update re the new China animal testing parameters.  I know for a lot of us, an otherwise cruelty-free company selling in China makes their cruelty-free claim null and void.  This update walks you through what this update in regulations really means for China and for us.  In a nutshell:  we're still screwed because China does still do post-market product animal testing.  This new update just means companies that manufacture in China don't have to have their pre-market stuff tested on animals.  If you don't already follow Logical Harmony - you should!  Tashina is the always on top of this kind of stuff.