The Big "What I Bought" Post - Wartime Wardrobe Challenge Update

I've been putting this off because compiling the list of stuff I ended up with in the last few months was a pain, and I knew it would be a pain.  I warned you it wouldn't be pretty.  

Used:  pins, studded clutch, 2 skirts, blue blazer, grey jeans

New:  blue denim (USA), black pants (USA), 2 dresses (USA), red loafers (China/ethical company), tote (China/ethical company)

Unsure:  necklaces might be deadstock but unused? sweatshirt was listed as deadstock but not used.

I've worn everything but the polka-dot skirt and cat sweatshirt at least once.  The black pants and blue denim (which I neglected to include a picture of) both need to be hemmed still.  

Where does that leave me?

I logged 49 coupons in these few months alone. My August total was NEGATIVE 25 coupons.  This brings me to NEGATIVE 74 coupons for November.  Seriously.  NEGATIVE 74 out of 66.  If you asked me in January where I thought I'd be, I would not have guessed I would have used more than double the coupons available for the entire challenge.  Since this is already so big, I'll leave it here.  I've been looking at what I bought during the year and I have some thoughts on the purchases and hopefully they will be constructive.

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