What to wear when you regress?

When some people get stressed out, they like to dress up and put their best foot forward and "act as if".  Not me.  When I get overwhelmed, I like the idea of wearing a comfy uniform of a black t-shirt, old school Jams shorts and black Vans slips-ons.  To work.  On weekends.  Everywhere.  I don't even have Jams -- I just like the idea of of an elastic-waistband, slip-on shoe, no-matching outfit that is going to fit like a lumpy bag no matter what.

jams from ebay
vintage Jams, via ebay

So imagine this blog post as my version of television's SMPTE bars.  I already struggle to dress like a normal human being.  This post means I'm temporarily overwhelmed and am regressing into a wistful Jams shorts territory.

I should have the following for the blog soon:  a) Wartime Wardrobe Update, b) ethical|vegan fashion links and c) limited outfit photos.

However.  In the meantime.  Tell me, dear person on your side of the screen, what do you want to wear when you get overwhelmed and stressed out?


  1. I used to have jams! My parents were lucky that jams and huge shirts were popular when I was a young teen. Kids these days and their daisy dukes...

    When I'm stressed, I need to dress simply, but in something that makes me confident. Like black jeans and a graphic T-shirt. Or PJs (at home). I hope your stress levels go down.

    1. I thought that the other day - when I was in grade school I dressed '80s and therefore fairly modestly. Then I got really into hair metal and wore - essentially - black leggings as pants and a low-cut shirt every single day for years.

      Thanks - it's just the work busy-ness that happens to pile up a few times per year!

  2. When I am stressed I am all about the PJs when in the house and if I am forced into going outside jeans, hi-tops and a tshirt with an animal printed on it (don't know why always an animal but it is always an animal!).
    Hope the stress lessens for you soon.

    1. Oh, I like that strategy - clothes with an animal printed on it are indeed "power clothes"!

  3. Hey I thought I commented on this!? Something about tiny sweatpants from the 90s that my husband hates ;)


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