Vegan style: peter pan collar and cats-eye

I'm not one of those fall-lovers.  You can always spot us.  We're the ones who hold off wearing socks or tights for as long as possible despite the rapidly declining degrees.  The ones who get SAD.  The ones who are always chilly.

So, let me celebrate one of the last days of 2013 where I could wear a dress tights-free in NYC.  We went to Governors Island for Fete Paradiso and to play Figment's mini-golf.  And it was feckin' chilly.

un-ironed dress/vanilla&lace lucy pevensie dress, reviewed here*
pin/ wandering genie via etsy

all vegan and made with decent labor standards.


On the Figment mini-golf course -
in front of an important message.
I would just add:


Peter pan collar and black cat eye pin.



I tried doing a teased ponytail bun.  I'm still learning.
This was after a massively windy day so cut me
some slack.   I've been pinning hair tutorials here.

And, for good measure, all of the cat carousel figures at Fete Paradiso:

Fete paradise 

*For the record, I did have my tailor fit the shoulders of that Vanilla & Lace dress for me but I left the crooked seam where it was since I don't wear this to work ever, anyway, and I am just not together enough to care about a crooked seam in my personal life.


  1. That dress is adorable! I wish I would try something else with my hair but it never works. I like your bun!

  2. LOL at "you can always spot us". I feel the same way as a fall-lover here. It's still in the 80s here but I've pulled out all the hoodies and cardigans already. I absolutely love the dress!

  3. i really love that dress. and it is just perfect with the little cat eye added.

  4. Hahaah! I'm a fall lover through and through, but I understand completely. It's hard to let go of your favorite season. Until your legs are blue with the cold wind and sleet-y rain. I love the cat's eye pin, and the dress obviously. Good freakin' job on rockin' a nice mix between summer and fall.

  5. What a darling little dress!! You look lovely!! Love your hairdo and I'm following your Pinterest.

    I'm the same, I never rush wearing autumn clothes and put it off as long as possible.

    I was involved in planning and helping Animal Rights Day last week and hope you check out this event ...

    Have you seen Ghosts in our Machine?

    <3 carmen

  6. Love that dress and the cat-eye pin! I'm also not a fall-lover. Don't get me wrong--it's a beautiful season. But it represents the inevitable beginning of Winter. Blech! Summer is always too short. I'm going to follow your pins and learn how to do my hair like that. It's getting longer and I'm in need or ideas!

    Oh, I love the cat carousel and the "adopt" sign!


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