Vegan style: Doing the Neutral Pants **

It's pants weather.  (No exclamation point since I hate colder weather.  My small victory is that I'm still not wearing any socks.)  Every time I wear these pleated pants, I think of:  a) Avant Blargh and b) all the pairs of Z.Cavaricci pants I got rid of in my past life.  (It was '80s New Jersey.  There were a lot of IROC-Z's as well.)

I don't want to say I think this outfit is dullsville but I think it is just the right kind of neutral uniform I want in my life.  I think my closet goal is to have a billion gray, black and navy tailored neutrals for day-to-day life and then maybe 10-15 "special" vintage pieces.  And by "special" I mean so ugly that I am probably the only person who loves them.


belt/vintage or thrift store
pants/American Apparel
shoes/Cri de Coeur

Ethical scorecard:  Both new items come from companies who have a platform for responsible labor.  The other two items are re-used.  Everything is vegan - no animal hides nor hairs.

** I am so sorry about the Pointer Sisters' "Neutron Dance" pun.  So so sorry.


  1. I'm with you - boo for colder weather, but at least you still look fabulous in your neutral pants and at least you're still sock-less for the time being!

  2. I have gone past the point of wearing shoes with out socks, I am now stocked up with charity shop cardigans and ready for winter. The outfit looks great! some times neutrals are just what is needed and I really love the shoes.

  3. I'm starting to think my closet goal is very similar. Right now, and probably recent past f/w seasons, I've been gravitating toward brown/gray/black/white basics with a mixture of textures and styles that I can layer & mix/match. Actually right now my closet is in a state of disarray and I'm just grabbing clothes out of the clean laundry basket... but my plan is to only keep that palette limited capsule type wardrobe in my closet, then take everything else upstairs, build seasonal capsule wardrobes to store, keep a few colorful pieces and/or "special" vintage items and donate the rest. One of these days...

  4. How are you so freakin' classy?!?!? Especially with shorts dreams such as those below.

  5. Mid-October and still sock free. You are doing better than me lady. Socks and stockings have been out for about a month already!

    I agree with Milla, a bloody classy outfit. (Just in case 'bloody' gets lost in translating, it means I thoroughly approve!!)


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