Vegan | Ethical Fashion Links - Bernie Dexter, Feral Cat Day, Streets I Know, and more!

Howdy!  I know I owe people emails.  I promise I am going to answer emails tonight.  This blog is now my accountability buddy.

I finally have a Vegan | Ethical Fashion Link round-up!  But first, Happy National Feral Cat Day, everyone!  It's my favorite holiday and yes, it beats out Christmas because it's that cool!  Like I always say, you're not a real Cat Lady until you've done TNR.

Have you guys heard of Bernie Dexter?  It's a clothing line made in the USA, retro-style.  Amazingly kitsch prints.  But there are some retro-inspired basics there, too.  They are not a vegan brand but the majority of their stuff is cotton! [EDITED TO ADD THIS NOTE: PLEASE SEE THE COMMENTS BELOW RE FUR AND BERNIE DEXTER. BERNIE DEXTER IS A PRO-FUR BRAND.]

JanisCottage_1024x1024 bernie dexter

And also, they're having a sale.

The Streets I Know (vegan fashion blog!) has a Tumblr.  Looks like the blaggin' is happening over there vs blogger these days.

Modern Day Charm is volunteering her skills and time for girls and women who were once victims of sex trafficking.  There are so many "what the f##k" moments in this world with how we treat each other (and non-human animals, too) so it is really nice to see someone being thoughtful of how to help others with their time and expertise.

Vegan Chic interviews the woman behind Miakoda (vegan USA-made clothing line), who I follow on Instagram.  (She stands out as the only person I follow who regularly poses in tabi socks.)  I usually don't care how people became vegan or any of that junk I'm supposed to care about as a dedicated vegan but I actually enjoyed her interview.

Thrift Eye posted about two in-house Modcloth brands that have a lot of USA-made (and vegan) options.  At first I read it as all USA-made and that is what you get when you don't read carefully, kids.  You learn the hard way that the kitten-applique circle skirt is...spawn-of-hell "Imported"!  I have already pinned a few vegan USA-made options from those two lines on my Vegan Dresses board.

And finally, it's Blog Action Day, which I just learned about today.  It looks like it originated at Ms Wanda's blog (a blog that has a layout that confuses me and so I just don't follow it?) and other people are putting up labor-condition awareness posts in honor of it - such as:

Apparently I live in an internet-less hole and had no idea this was going on.  It's fine.  I was fully prepared to celebrate National Feral Cat Day so you  know, we all make our choices and I'm glad other people participated.

And finally, can you believe that people make adorable dresses by hand?  Or by-hand-with-machines?  With their own two hands?  I love this. {via Camelia Crinoline}


Vegan style: Doing the Neutral Pants **

It's pants weather.  (No exclamation point since I hate colder weather.  My small victory is that I'm still not wearing any socks.)  Every time I wear these pleated pants, I think of:  a) Avant Blargh and b) all the pairs of Z.Cavaricci pants I got rid of in my past life.  (It was '80s New Jersey.  There were a lot of IROC-Z's as well.)

I don't want to say I think this outfit is dullsville but I think it is just the right kind of neutral uniform I want in my life.  I think my closet goal is to have a billion gray, black and navy tailored neutrals for day-to-day life and then maybe 10-15 "special" vintage pieces.  And by "special" I mean so ugly that I am probably the only person who loves them.


belt/vintage or thrift store
pants/American Apparel
shoes/Cri de Coeur

Ethical scorecard:  Both new items come from companies who have a platform for responsible labor.  The other two items are re-used.  Everything is vegan - no animal hides nor hairs.

** I am so sorry about the Pointer Sisters' "Neutron Dance" pun.  So so sorry.


What to wear when you regress?

When some people get stressed out, they like to dress up and put their best foot forward and "act as if".  Not me.  When I get overwhelmed, I like the idea of wearing a comfy uniform of a black t-shirt, old school Jams shorts and black Vans slips-ons.  To work.  On weekends.  Everywhere.  I don't even have Jams -- I just like the idea of of an elastic-waistband, slip-on shoe, no-matching outfit that is going to fit like a lumpy bag no matter what.

jams from ebay
vintage Jams, via ebay

So imagine this blog post as my version of television's SMPTE bars.  I already struggle to dress like a normal human being.  This post means I'm temporarily overwhelmed and am regressing into a wistful Jams shorts territory.

I should have the following for the blog soon:  a) Wartime Wardrobe Update, b) ethical|vegan fashion links and c) limited outfit photos.

However.  In the meantime.  Tell me, dear person on your side of the screen, what do you want to wear when you get overwhelmed and stressed out?


Vegan style: peter pan collar and cats-eye

I'm not one of those fall-lovers.  You can always spot us.  We're the ones who hold off wearing socks or tights for as long as possible despite the rapidly declining degrees.  The ones who get SAD.  The ones who are always chilly.

So, let me celebrate one of the last days of 2013 where I could wear a dress tights-free in NYC.  We went to Governors Island for Fete Paradiso and to play Figment's mini-golf.  And it was feckin' chilly.

un-ironed dress/vanilla&lace lucy pevensie dress, reviewed here*
pin/ wandering genie via etsy

all vegan and made with decent labor standards.


On the Figment mini-golf course -
in front of an important message.
I would just add:


Peter pan collar and black cat eye pin.



I tried doing a teased ponytail bun.  I'm still learning.
This was after a massively windy day so cut me
some slack.   I've been pinning hair tutorials here.

And, for good measure, all of the cat carousel figures at Fete Paradiso:

Fete paradise 

*For the record, I did have my tailor fit the shoulders of that Vanilla & Lace dress for me but I left the crooked seam where it was since I don't wear this to work ever, anyway, and I am just not together enough to care about a crooked seam in my personal life.