Vegan style: when a floral dress wears you

This is one of my recent dress acquisitions and don't get me wrong, I love it.  It's an old lady print, dark color base, long enough for work, not restrictive in any way.  However, it's kind of wearing me in this iteration.  I should have worn my more structured Marais vegan sands with this because the strappy sandals look off.  But I never brought the Marais sandals to the cobbler.  They have been sitting in my office awaiting a trip to the cobbler since June.  Not serious enough about outfits to remember to do errands that will benefit outfits.  See also:  lazy.

I wore this to:  work!  Yes. WORK.  Again. Always.  Forever.

Remind me what you guys do for fun?  I mean, we did just come back from Cape May.  No outfit pictures, however you can see a video of a Cape May baby bunny and his/her mom on a mini-golf course here.  But the fact that this past weekend was my first weekend free in a while and I planned to catch up on work emails, errands and cat-petting is a little telling.  (Most boring life ever this week.)  What are you guys doing in the leisure category lately?

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  1. Really? I think you look smashing in this dress.

  2. i like the strappy flats with this, it makes it a little more casual and urban. so i beg to differ on your judgment :)...looks great.

  3. I am the worst at putting off things like trips to the cobbler, dry cleaners, tailor and it seems like when I do get my act together, I space for weeks on picking things up. That aside, this is a beautiful dress and it's very flattering on you.

  4. I don't think it's wearing you at all, it looks perfect!

  5. This dress is gorgeous on you! Old Lady Urban Chic. I really like the sandals, too. And your use of the word cobbler. You are cuter than a baby bunny.


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